Phallic Funnies Friday

penis jokeGet your chuckles (and perhaps some groans) ready!  It’s the third edition of Phallic Funny Friday!

Do you have a funny joke you’d like to share on Phallic Funnies Friday?  PM me at user name:KMWylie! Maybe I’ll include your joke on the next edition. :-D

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Q: Have you heard the joke about my penis?
A: I won’t bother telling you, it’s too long.

penis joke


Three men are in an internet chatroom bragging about the size of their dicks.

Guy 1: “My dick is so big I have to drop my trousers to take it out”

Guy 2: “That’s nothing, my dick is so big I can turn my monitor on and off with it while I’m sitting in my chair”

Guy 3: “Well my dick is so big that if I laid it out on my keyboard it would stretch all the way from A-Z. Wait…shit!”

penis joke

Q: What’s worse than waking up at a party and finding a penis drawn on your face?
A: Finding out it was traced.

penis joke

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