Phallic Funnies Friday – 6th Edition

fancy penis

fancy penisIt’s Friday and that means penis jokes, here at PEGym!

Do you have a funny joke you’d like to share on Phallic Funnies Friday? PM me at user name: KMWylie! Maybe I’ll include your joke on the next edition. 😀

Be sure to check out last week’s edition: Phallic Funnies Fridays.

Enjoy and happy Friday!!

My favorite starts around the 1:15 mark. That’s totally like my grandmother! ROTFLOL

Q: What happens when you make a penis out of Legos?
A: You get COCK BLOCKed.

penis comic - pinocchio

Q: What do you call a woman who loves small dicks?
A: Hopefully your girlfriend.

penis comic - what it's like to have a penis

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