Phallosan Forte Review


Phallosan Forte Package Penis Extender Male EnhancementOn a daily basis, we get requests from male enhancement product manufacturers wanting to advertise their product on However, as you’ll notice by our relatively small PRODUCTS section, we’re pretty choosy about which products we promote to our members.

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Each product we promote is tested by members of the PEGym family, and found to be effective when it comes to reaching a specific male enhancement goal. One of our favorite products for penis enlargement is — the Phallosan Forte.  Let’s learn a little more about it!

What is the Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is on of the best penis enlargement devices available today. With 14 years of success, Phallosan has had a long history of satisfied customers.  They are one of the few male enhancement companies that actually have scientific studies, published in scholarly journals, that support the claims the company makes!

The revolutionary design of the Phallosan Forte, is primarily designed for increasing penis length, but also will increase penis girth, plus it can correct penis curve (Peyronie’s disesase) and has been shown to even help erectile dysfunction.

Our in-house testing showed:Phallosan Use Video

  • Increases in penis length
  • Increases in penis girth
  • Improvement in erection quality
  • Improvement in orgasm strength

Plus, the Phallosan was so comfortable, our testers reported being able to wear it easily under their clothing, as they went about their day, and even at night, while they slept.  It’s this comfort, and the ability to wear the Phallosan Forte for so long, that is the secret to their success!

How Does the Phallosan Forte Work?

As you can see by the video above, using the Phallosan Forte is very simple.

Using the orthopedic belt, you create continuous tension along the penis shaft.  This slowly stretches your penis, causing small micro-tears in the cell walls. This encourages the body to create new cells as it repairs the micro-tears, resulting in increased penis length and girth. The blood the body sends, to facilitate these repairs, also has benefits!  More blood to the penis = improved erection quality!

So, Does the Phallosan Forte Work?

Let’s look at the real stats, and you can see how well the Phallosan Forte really works!

Clinical Study of Erect Length Increases

Clinical Study of Flaccid Length Increases

Clinical Study of Girth Increases

Review of Clinical Study Results

The clinical study was pretty conclusive!

  • The average erect length of the 24 total users showed a 0.45″ increase after 3 months of use and a 0.75″ increase after 6 months!
  • The average flaccid length of the 24 total users showed a 0.4″ increase after 3 months of use and an amazing 0.6″ increase after 6 months!
  • The average girth of the 24 total users showed a 0.25″ increase after 3 months of use and a 0.3″ increase after 6 months!



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