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mecoach phallosan forte penis extender protocol

mecoach phallosan forte penis extender protocolBig Al, of, answers questions about the Phallosan Forte penis extender, in this special article.

As the leading male enhancement coach, he has helped thousands of men reach their male enhancement goals, both with manual exercises alone and the use of devices, like the Phallosan Forte. As such, he often gets questions about these devices. Check out the most common ones he gets with the Phallosan below.

Q.  I want to use the Phallosan Forte but don’t want to spend too many hours wearing it.  Is there a way I can cut down on the total training without hurting my results?  How about if I wear it while I sleep?

Big Al:  One way to cut down on the time needed in the device is to “pre-exhaust” your penis with a set of intense stretches.  Something like 10 reps of the Tension Stretch or 25 reps of the Leg Tuck Pull performed immediately before you apply the Phallosan should work.

While there’s differing opinions on this, I don’t recommend the wearing of any device on the penis while you sleep.  Should something go wrong with your circulation during sleep you might wake up too late to do something about it.

Q.  Does the Phallosan device work for uncircumsized men?  How do you wear it if you have a foreskin?

Big Al: The Phallosan Forte can be used for any type of penis- circumcized or not.  Some recommend keeping the foreskin over the glans as the protector cap is applied, while others prefer retracting the foreskin first.  You’ll need to experiment to see which mode is more comfortable for you.

Q. With my busy schedule I can’t train as often as I like.  Is it OK to wear the Phallosan Forte a few hours here and there, and will this method allow me to make gains?

Big Al:  For best results your training should be progressive in nature.  If you require a training routine there’s a free Phallosan Protocol available for review here.

The Phallosan has to be one of the most discreet devices available.  Under typical clothing you should be able to wear it in public without issue.  You may need to adjust the tension if you go from a standing to seated position.  This should allow you to get your training in just about anywhere.

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