Even a Plastic Surgeon Recommended Against Penis Enlargement Surgery


dr craford penis enlargementI’ll admit, if I’m going to watch television, I kind of dig reality TV. I love people. More importantly, I love to here their personal stories – learn more about them and their lives. So, it wasn’t too surprising that when a new show — Atlanta Plastic — came on, that I had to check it out. Along with the typical tummy tucks and nose jobs, on the second episode there was a gentleman who wanted…

penis enlargement surgery!

Dr. Marcus Crawford is one of three plastic surgeons featured on the show. This isn’t like Botched, but more about how plastic surgery not only transforms a person’s body, but also their mental state.

When Mike, a defensive end, came on the show looking for a larger penis, I kind of groaned.

“Oh no!” I said to myself. “Now, there’s going to be a flood of guys wanting penis enlargement surgery. Ugh.”

Mike was honestly in need of some sort of help. Although he had two kids, he told the doctor that his relationships have been ruined by his small penis. Although the video of Mike being examined by the doctor was blurred out, you could tell by the doctor’s finger position, as he performed the exam, that Mike was definitely undersized.

However, instead of simply doing the surgery (and creating the I imagine hefty fee), Dr. Crawford explained the risks involved in doing the surgery. He told Mike, “You have a perfectly functioning penis. You can have an erection; you can ejaculate; you can urinate.” (paraphrased) He then asked him if he wanted to risk that function. Mike’s original response, was that he was willing to risk that function.

Then Dr. Crawford told him about the other risk…

Penis enlargement surgery can actually make you smaller!

That got Mike’s attention!  Thanks to Dr. Crawford explaining the risks of surgery, Mike decided not to do the surgery.  Dr. Crawford suggested he focus on sexual techniques, to use what he does have.

I actually hope Mike comes by PEGym and learns about the non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, in addition to improving his technique.

Mike – if you’re out there – we’re here for you! PM me or drop me a line through contact@pegym.com.

Dr. Craford – if you read this – it was awesome to see a plastic surgeon doing what’s really best for their patient! Well done!!

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