Pornography Addiction

pornography addiction

This article contemplates pornography addiction and the overuse of pornography as a sexual stimulus and how it may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). This article also discusses the pros and cons of using porn with PE exercising.

pornography addiction


The first thing that must be addressed is the difference between compulsion and addiction. An addiction can be defined as “the condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit” (source:

The pornography epidemic is a phenomenon that has blossomed several fold in magnitude over the last couple decades and continues to both spread and expand at nearly the same speed as the internet itself. If you put together the revenue of professional sports and live music combined, it would fall far short from the amount that is made by porn globally on a year’s basis; a staggering estimate of 10 billion dollars.

Although a great deal of money is made in the porn industry, the biggest source of its growth are the free sites on the Internet, which are very easily accessible. Just one mouse-click away, and you can enter a hard-core world without limits. These sites are paid for via advertising, not purchases, thus allowing not only for “easy access” but for “more exposure” also (no puns intended!).


Sex is the most basic human need. Without it we would cease to exist. Watching porn doesn’t entirely satisfy the need, but for many it proves to be very sex muscle stimulating, and serves as a temporary replacement thereof, at least temporary for most people. From a Pavlovian psychological perspective we can see how behavioral changes can be enforced so rapidly. Orgasm as a reinforcement; quite powerful indeed.

This -followed by the desensitization of imagery- can take a wrong turn and send you down a slippery slope, as was the case of a Canadian business executive. He went from dabbling with porn in his college days, to a daily consumption that has had a negative impact on his sexual health and life, and resulted in a 12-year addiction.

Other cases have been reported where certain individuals have been so addicted to pornography that it started to take its toll on their daily life. Husbands being divorced, students dropping out of school, and even workers losing their jobs. Though these are extreme examples, and definitely not the norm, it should be duly noted that such cases are still present and far more serious than simple topics chatter.


“In the end, porn doesn’t whet men’s appetites–it turns them off the real thing.” – Naomi Wolf

On the other hand a study done by the University of Montreal purports the following:

“..the effects of pornography on men has found that the effects of exposure to smut appear to be negligible.”

Although it should be mentioned that the study did not have a control group, i.e. men who had never seen porn. The research group had been exposed to porn since early adolescence, and study was focused around heterosexual men in their 20s.

The study’s objective was to find out how, if at all, pornography shaped their perception of men and women. In the studies conclusion two important quotes can be mention from the researcher Simon Louis Lajeunesse-

“They shared their sexual history starting with their first contact with pornography, which was in early adolescence. Not one subject had a pathological sexuality. In fact, all of their sexual practices were quite conventional,”
“Pornography hasn’t changed their perception of women or their relationship which they all want as harmonious and fulfilling as possible. Those who could not live out their fantasy in real life life with their partner simply set aside the fantasy. The fantasy is broken in the real world and men don’t want their partner to look like a porn star”

Both of these statements completely contradict what previously has been said about pornography. So the question remains: Which one to believe?

Here is another relative statement to this argument by Lajeunesse that really punctures behavioral theorist arguments:

“If pornography had the impact that many claim it has, you would just have to show heterosexual films to a homosexual to change his sexual orientation.”

This again leaves us with a bigger question mark than we initially had, though Lajeunesse’s statement is valid, so are the other studies that suggest porn is harmful.


This is a question that has been asked several times, and will continue to arise on the PEGym forums, though without any clear answer. Both sides battling endlessly, but the the majority of discussions seem to slightly be in favor of the notion of porn being harmful. Hence the answer being “Yes”.

“The problem arises when we watch so much porn that it affects our lives in a profound way. The bottom line is that any kind of obsessive/compulsive behavior like this prevents us from developing intimate relationships. We escape the possibility of developing an intimate relationship with another human being by turning to porn–out of fear of rejection or whatever. And so we never give ourselves the beautiful gift of intimacy with another human being.”Going411by7

I think G4 sums up the main message we are trying to send out to the PEGym members and especially to others new readers (lurkers). In my opinion the key word here is too, as in too much. Too much of anything will desensitize us to the particular stimulus.

An example could be showing someone from the mid 1900s a horror movie made from today. They would be absolutely shocked, the difference between that time and today’s age is vast. Though as with many things, when the process is more gradual it is difficult to point out that the ‘extreme’ boundaries are constantly being pushed further along down the path.


Many people use porn in conjunction with their penis exercising and have found it to be quite effective. This usually concern the penis exercises that require a constant erection for a longer period of time and to have last longer sex, such as edging or clamping. The main reason for men doing so is the misconception that without porn they might struggle maintaining an erection while also having to think about the different aspects of their penis extending exercises such as duration and quality.

Thus, without the porn stimulus, the exercises would take much more time to perform. I personally use more time on my routine because I read erotic novels while clamping, jelqing and edging, which is more tasking, but I don’t struggle to maintain my erections while doing so. In doing this, I am also working the most important sexual organ of them all; the brain!


Back to the usage of porn while penis exercising such as ballooning or penis hanging, etc., I don’t think we should dismiss it completely. Seeing as people have hectic schedules, and would like to do things as effective as possible. This of course makes porn “ideal”, since it’s a visual stimulus, there is no need for processing of any kind which brings us straight to the point: One thing that can be said without question is that regulating how much porn we consume is critical.

So how to know when we have reached that limit? Hard to say, but definitely when you start noticing loss in EQ and your physiological indicators on a regular basis while watching porn.

In conclusion, and as vague as it may be, here is the aim of this article: moderation is the key, but if you can do without it, that of course is the best option. As it is  with drinking wine. A glass of red wine once in a while has been proven to be good for you, but if consumed in excess can lead to serious benefits and loss of enjoyment of drinking in the first place.


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UYN has had insecurities surrounding his penis. Being of African-decent, and being circumcised in Europe, he had two aspects to worry about: not fulfilling the racial stereotype regarding his penis and not having the regular European uncircumcised penis. At the age of 14 he found PE, but found it to be too time-consuming, and only did a simple beginner routine for a week before discrediting it for being capable to do what it claimed and forgetting all about it. Now a couple of years later, with his insecurities reaching a new high. He decided to dedicate 6 months of his life to PE, and see what the outcome would be. Luckily for him, his quest proved to be fruitful. In mere months his sized dramatically increased, which in turn sent him on a never-ending and lifelong path of PE.


  1. Ever since I was 12, there were few periods in my life where I could go a day without masturbating to porn. It has interfered with my school work for years and after reading this article, it gave me more reasons to lighten up on it or let it go completely. A good read.

  2. I agree 100% percent with this content. I am 1-week free of porn and I have already noticed a difference. Now, I try focus on sensation and being tuned in, not on the porn images I watched.

    I started needing porn for Jelg sessions and realized I had to make a change. Thanks for taking the time to share such valuable info.

  3. Excellent work UYN. I think this article reveals some potential negative effects of pornography that many people don’t realize or consider. I also like how you explore both sides of the issue.

  4. I love it, I actually quit masturbating to porn about a week ago. I would catch my self taking longer and longer to find that ‘perfect’ video. I plan on going a month without it and then checking back on it. Hopefully it will be more arousing then it used to be

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