Private Penile Enhancement

Privacy is Important When It Comes to Penile Enhancement

Whether you are new to Penile Enhancement (PE) or a veteran, there will most likely come a time when you will find that privacy for PE sessions can be limited. Whether moving into a dormitory, having a roommate, or going to visit friends or family, such situations can put a strain on getting a good penis exercise workout.

Nonetheless, never think that you will be unable to do PE during this time!

Private Penile Enhancement

”Rite” To Privacy

It is important to learn how to cultivate privacy for penis enhancement exercise sessions anywhere you’d like. You can use the many concepts in this article in everyday adult life also, not only if you have diminished private time. You don’t need to be a college student to find a bathroom of solace (e.g. the workplace) so you can do your Penile Enhancement exercises.

This is ideal and perfect for any circumstance. If you share a bathroom with a roommate then here’s a way out of “not having privacy for Penile Enhancement”. Even if you’re in the military this can be an available option for you. Summer camp counselor? Well this is a way around living in a room with a bunch of other people and still being able to keep up your PE routine. You are not limited at all by a lack of privacy, if anything you may have a lot more then you thought to begin with!

Location, location, location!

Well you are most likely going to have a room-mate and that in itself restricts your personal time as well as privacy! The one obvious thing that you can do is establish a system with your roommate (if you’re comfortable with it) so that if there’s a tie on the door knob then it’s private time for one of you. But then again you don’t want to leave your roommate out of the room for too long while you’re doing your Penis Enlargement Exercises so utilize your time wisely!

Apart from that there’s another great area to do your PE: the shower. The shower is a fantastic place for Penis Exercise because of two reasons; the first being water bills in dorms are nonexistent, so that means you can take really long showers and not worry about running up the bill! Personally I’d advise against taking showers longer than 30 minutes because other guys will start to question what you’re doing in there for so long, but going back to the first point, you can take multiple showers in the day!

This can work out perfectly for you because you divide up whatever routine you’re doing as shower jelqing in the morning, and shower penis stretching at night! Also whether you’re on a large campus or a small one, you can always find a bathroom that is quiet and secluded that has very low traffic (my old school’s 2nd floor library bathroom was always empty) so you can go sit down for a little bit and do a routine, or just various PE exercises in general! Location counts, there’s so many different options available, you just have to be creative!

Kegels count!

Even the most basic of PE exercises counts and is crucial to any PE’er! If you don’t know how to kegel or how to find your PC muscle then the next time you are urinating, simply make yourself stop the flow of urination. That is one way to do it, another way to find that PC muscle, is to just simply flex your penis whilst erect. The muscle that controls that “flex” is your PC, and when you are “flexing” that penis whether erect or flaccid is called kegeling.

Now that you know what it is, do them! Also, do them often because these are important! What kegels do is brings in fresh and oxygen rich blood into the penis! And the beauty of this exercise is that it can be done at any time, at any place, and in any scenario, nobody will ever know you’re doing them, and they especially come in handy if your snoozing in class!

But if you are completely new to PE then just a small warning: you can tire out your PC, just like any other muscle and it can affect your EQ if you overdo it. But just remember that to kegels should be done 2 on 1 off or 1 on 1 off just to give yourself adequate time to heal, and also that kegels are beneficial to your penis because it helps to bring fresh blood into it.

The Power of the Shower

Doing your PE while you are in the shower might seem as if it could be a hassle, but there are so many advantages to it that you should reconsider that thought! The first is that you are almost certainly guaranteed your privacy! Honestly, how many people will walk in on you if you are in the shower? You don’t have to fret about your roommate coming back from class early, or from a lunch that he never went to!

Secondly and this is probably one of the best aspects is that while you are Penis Exercising in the shower you have access to virtually unlimited hot water! That means you can warm up and warm down without having to do too much! You’re also performing your PE under a constant and steady supply of hot water, and hot water helps to expand your blood vessels and keeping blood circulating nicely down there, not to mention that it will help to keep your suspensory ligament nice and loose for when you stretch! And third of all, your clean-up is easy as well! Just apply soap and you’re clean!

Sitting on the toilet with some free time?

Well you’ve read above and decided that you want to go ahead and do some Penile Enhancement whilst you’re sitting on your royal throne. You can actually do everything that was mentioned above while sitting there! You can easily purchase a small bottle of the lube of your choice and then carry that in your pocket with you as you are going to go about with your PE.

Or just leave it in there! Another thing that some people find difficult is that they find it hard to maintain a proper grip while stretching after a shower jelqing session. The answer for that is to apply a little bit of baby powder. This will allow you to have a good grip and dry out the lube you were using.


In this article, I have suggested that you can use the shower as well as the toilet as your good friends in Penile Enhancement. I’ve also outlined that no matter what your circumstance is (military, student on campus, multiple roommates) you can still find time and privacy to do your Enhancement. In conjunction with finding the privacy for it, I’ve also given you a powerful tool on your journey and one of the most important aspects of enhancement; kegels. So remember, you are not limited by privacy, and you can do kegels any time and anywhere!

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