Progress Not Perfection: A Perspective on Failure

Progress Not Perfection A Perspective on Failure

Progress Not Perfection, A Perspective on FailureWhenever you have a difficult goal you’d like to reach, to ensure success you likely take certain steps. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for penis enlargement or weight loss or quitting smoking or some other difficult life change. There are steps you should take, to help you improve the chance you’ll reach your goal.

You quantify what that goal is. You make an action plan of what you’re going to do to get there. You likely even have smaller goals set, to help you keep motivated along the way.

Then something happens.

Life gets in the way. You get busy. You screw up.

All those plans – all that hard work – wasted.

You’ve failed.

Or have you?

You haven’t!

Progress not perfection.

That’s what you have to keep reminding yourself. Progress not perfection.

You don’t fail until you stop trying. So, get some perspective. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. And, we all have things get in the way of reaching our success. The trick is — the people who eventually succeed are those that never give up!

I’m going to give a weight loss example from a member using Isagenix, because I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to. They’ve been doing well the first week. They even lost six pounds! But, on Saturday night, they had a company Christmas party and kind of went off the rails. Monday I received a PM about how they failed.

No! This member didn’t fail!

Two steps forward, one step backward is still one step forward!

Sure, maybe they made some bad choices at the party. And, maybe they gained back some of the weight they had lost, BUT they still are ahead of the game! And, as long as they keep moving forward – making progress – they definitely haven’t failed!

Progress, not perfection.

So, whatever your goals – whatever actions you need to take to get to those goals – keep trying! Don’t give up. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you screw up.

If you miss a day or two of your male enhancement routine – that’s OK! Get back on track! If you don’t wear your extender or don’t pump as often as you had planned – that’s OK! Just get back to it!

Keep moving forward, even if you slip backward a little, still climb! You’ll get to the top, if you don’t give up!

You can do it!


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