Progress Photos: The Whys and Hows of Taking Quality Progress Pics

progress photos for tracking penis enlargement

This article is to inform PE beginners of the advantages of having a picture-progress log. We all want proof that PE works. Having a good picture-log, will help keep track of your routine, and will also go a long way towards finding out what exercises work best for your own personal growth.

progress photos for tracking penis enlargement

Introducing Progress Pics

This article is to inform the newbie of the advantages of taking good progress pics and having a progress/picture log. We all want proof that Penis Enlargement works. Having a log, along with good picture proof, will help keep track of your routine, and will go a long way towards finding out what exercises work best for your personal penis growth

The best way to find what penis exercises will work for you is to read what others have done before.Find someone with a similar situation and goal. Their logs will have much information about routines and you can see their results.

Why is taking pictures so important?

Taking good progress pics is important for one main reason: pictures don’t lie. If you follow the information in this article, you will find out how to document your own quest for a larger, healthier penis. When you update your log with pictures and the routine used in the process, others can benefit from your experience.

We want to obtain as much information as our progress/picture logs can reveal. The reason being is that all men who engage in PE are aiming to find more knowledge of methods and exercises that will allow the most optimal penis size gains for the effort put forth. These can be easily identified by simply reading log entries and viewing the progress pictures.

This may turn into a serious search for helpful hints. So, the more people creating picture progress logs can also dramatically assist in the progression of the future of PE and its effectiveness. One of the perks of having a log is that you can acquire advice from the “vets” here at the PEGym and penis enlargement forum as to how you might want to change or rearrange your routine in order to increase your potential growth.

Another aspect of PE: Penile Enhancement and Foreskin Restoration Pics

Restoring your foreskin is seen by many as another aspect of Penile Enhancement. The goal is to return as much sensation as possible to your penis and especially the glans which is dry and cracked on the circumcised penis.

The main reason for using FR (Foreskin Restoration) as another example in this article of employing progress pics, is because you can find many more examples of real progress pics that men have taken while restoring. In fact, one of the best progress logs online can be found at The Foreskin Restore. This log is a perfect example of what should also be done with progress pics throughout a PE picture log as well!

Even though FR is a much different process than PE,by taking good progress photos you can become highly aware of your progress and how much skin you are regaining throughout your Foreskin Restoration regimen and routine!

If you go to you will see pics of a great example of what men who are restoring their foreskin are trying to get back , and what has been removed from a circumcised penis.

Where would this information be most useful?

Your progress / picture log is where you and others on site can comment on , and give advice on , what your personal goals are. Your log is where you keep track of what you do – how many reps. – what penis exercises – what sequence . How much pull you are using , heavy or light. Over time you can see what you’ve done and the results of your Penis Enlargement efforts. The photos also help with keeping your PE goals on track.

How to take pictures most effectively?

1. Use a quality camera.

  • Have good lighting.
  • Use a similar back ground, so the pictures are consistent.
  • Have the same measurement device in the photo , to show you are being accurate with the measuring.

2. Multiple angles will also be needed.

  • For example , to show how your girth has changed . Base to glans.
  • Important for your continuing improvement.

One thing to watch out for is taking pictures from angles that make you look to have much larger penis. Remember, you are only cheating yourself! This will only make others doubt what you’ve so painstakingly documented.

So my suggestion would be to have a standard position for your penis to be in when being photographed. These should be standardized for all your pictures.

This can be difficult to do, as your penis has a mind of it’s own . Just be patient, as “he” can be camera shy with many men when taking erect progress pics.

3. A way to date your pictures.

  • A newspaper, periodical , etc .with the date displayed.
  • Your camera may have a date stamp.
  • This would be the best way to keep track of this information.

Fluffing your unit: Is it Cheating?

Some men like to take or use an enhancer, ie: viagra, c.ring, to ensure their max EQ while taking progress pics. While this is okay to show your Max-Size, its not the personal preference of many, because many want their progress pics to show their “all natural capability”.

Taking good pics is about seeing what PE can do, without added influences like fluffing, If your EQ is notably lower when it s your time to measure, some added product like Viagra or even Herbal OTC penis enhancer may be a good solution. However, this would be a personal choice. Just make sure it’s noted what has changed in your routine that aided the improvement.

Some men will be self-conscious about taking pictures of their penis. We all go through this, but remember, everything you post on your progress/picture log will help you and others in many ways.

Everyone that has a log shares that part of the desire that we all have; The desire to be more than we currently are. That binds us together as a major work in progress. I, for one, am glad to be a part of this “art project”.

A Final Note About Posting your pictures

  • One thing to be aware of is to post your pictures as an attachment.
  • Not in the body of the text.
  • It may be removed by a Moderator if it’s in the wrong place.

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  1. Cool article. It really shows the importance of taking pictures to keep track of our progress, and to convince sceptics. Well done

  2. I am a camera shy person, but I can see the value in taking pictures, if for no other reason than for personal use. As you said… pictures don’t lie. If I use photos from the same angle with the same background I can see for myself how well my routine is working. Overall, it’s an excellent article, thanks maelsukr 😉

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