The Pros and Cons of Penis Hanging

penis hanging

Fake WeightPenis hanging is one of the oldest forms of penis enlargement. For generations, men from all four corners of the world have hung things off their penis – from modern devices, like the LG Hanger, to tribes who use simple rocks and rope as penis hanging devices. Here are just some of the many benefits, as well as the disadvantages, of penis hanging.

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Penis Hanging Pros:

  • LGHanger_280x280Customizable – To some extent, most penis enlargement devices are customizable. With penis pumps, you can usually control the vacuum. With penis extenders, you can control the tension. Penis hangers are customizable too. You can adjust the amount of weight to fit your level of hanging expertise – from fractions of ounces to pounds. Now add in different hanging angles and fulcrums, and you have a routine that comes with endless customization.
  • Hands Free – Once you’ve set up your penis hanger, it’s a hands free exercise – letting gravity do the work. This means you can do other things, like surf the Internet or read a book, while you hang.
  • Smaller Time Investment – Where extenders are typically worn for hours at a time, hanging sessions can be as little as 20 minutes per day. This is especially beneficial if you’re finding it hard to carve time out of your day for penis enlargement.
  • Effective – Penis hanging is an incredibly effective method for increasing your penis length. In addition to length increases, with consistency, you’ll also see increases in your penile girth.

Penis Hanging Cons:

  • Risk of Injury – Because we are talking about hanging weights from one of the more sensitive parts of your body, if it’s not done correctly and safely, penis injury can lead to injury. Using a hanging system designed and manufactured by a reputable manufacturer can help you prevent injury.
  • Advanced Exercise – Penis hanging isn’t an exercise for beginner’s. Because it’s an exercise where injury can happen more easily than manual exercises, you should have several months of PE under your belt (no pun intended). This way your penis is used to being exercised, plus you’re used to the signs your body will give, if you approach over exercising.
  • Stationary – When you’re hanging, to maintain safety, it’s usually recommended to remain in one spot, during your set. This can be a seated or standing position, but you aren’t going to be strolling around the park while you hang. This also means you’ll need some privacy while you hang.

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