Penis Pumping: Some Lifetime Observations – Part I

Penis Pumping

An Easy & Pleasant Way to Get Larger

Penis Pumping, Some Lifetime Observations
Penis pumping is an easy and pleasant way to get a larger penis.

One of the easier and more pleasant ways to get larger is through pumping. There are several types of pumps available:

  • Manual pumps,
  • Electric pumps (eg. Kaplin Pump), and
  • Computer pumps (eg. CTC Pumps).

I have studied pumping since I bought my first pump set in 1977, from the well known and innovative Chartham method, conducted by Dr. Brian Richards in England. In those days, the package was shipped (literally by ship) and took about a month to six weeks to arrive. When it arrived, I was ecstatic! I felt this may provide some clues to penis enlargement.

Up to that point, my life experiences had indicated that clearly a larger penis was desirable in intimate encounters. There was no question in my mind. (I have since learned while penis enlargement, enhancement and stamina are important to life, much as robust health, ultimately other intangible, ethereal dynamics occurring during the evolution of your lifetime are most important.)

The Chartham Pump

 Chartham Penis Pump - Penis Pumping, Some Lifetime Observations
The Chartham Penis Pump was simple, safe and effective.

The contents of the Chartham box were most interesting. The box consisted of a plastic cylinder, roughly 2” x 8” with a tube and rubber evacuating ball at the end of the tube, and an instruction book. This was a most sensible construction for the masses because the rubber bulb (much like you would find on a classic blood pressure cuff) limited the vacuum to only safe levels – a stroke of genius, particularly for general public use.

The instruction book covered kegeling and jelqing, to be used in combination with the pump. I thought Dr. Richards’s idea was brilliant for that period of history, and it worked! The instructions went something like this:

  1. Perform kegels first for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Follow this with 2 sets of pumping for 15 minutes.
  3. Next, jelq for 5-10 minutes intra set.

After a number of months, I gained 1/2” inch in length and girth. I considered this to be an excellent result. Of course, I didn’t know the true possibilities then!

Today, we know the level of traction and time are the two critical parameters for major enlargement. Back then, the “PE” process was in its infancy. As mentioned, the traction from the pump was safely limited to what the bulb could evacuate. The jelqing was a variable that could be intensified. In hindsight, If there was a flaw in the Chartham system, it was the exclusion of stretching.

Lessons Learned from Years of Pumping Research

Effective Method - Penis Pumping, Some Lifetime Observations
Pumping proved to be an effective method for penis enlargement.

This proved to me that you can gain a stable increase through pumping. I remained interested and curious for the next 35 years, and much more intently so particularly the last 14 years.

I have used manual, electric and the CTC computer pumps. Each has advantages and disadvantages. While I may mention names of pump manufacturers, please note:


My preference is electric and/or computer pumps, but if you have budgetary restrictions, go for a manual pump with gauge. Dr. Kaplain manufacturers a nice electric pump that vibrates – an added plus when pumping. One protocol with the Kaplain would be as follows.


  1. Select Cylinder Size – It is essential to get a tube that is NO MORE THAN ¼” larger than your erect girth for containment and anti- edema purposes. Edema is a buildup of fluid sub-dermally and is counterproductive as it pushes in on the potentially expanding tissues and negates the expansion. Penis edema is also very unsightly. Condom or double pumping can be a constructive consideration in reducing edema during the pumping process.
  2. Determine Time and Sets – 10 to 20 minute sets are generally recommended, with up to 5 sets for intermediate to experienced individuals. For example, start with a 20 minute set. Warm up by wrapping a heating pad around the tube, on LOW ONLY, for the first 10 minutes of the first 20-minute set.
  3. Determine Vacuum Patterns – Gradually bring up the vacuum to a baseline of -4.5 in HG. This can incrementally be increased, depending on your experience and the sensations you feel at higher levels, such as: -5, -6, -7, etc. NEVER EVER RUSH THE PROCESS as much as your obsession may insist upon this. Start with a vacuum level of -4 to- 4.5 in HG for the first one or two months, then start the incremental progression as suggested above in the first set. The subsequent sets can be a duration of 10 to 20 minutes (your preference). You can work up to 5 sets per day (your preference). Some PE’ers will perform one set in the morning and one in the evening, for example.
  4. Perform Manual Movements – After the pump is set, perform 10- to 15-second squeezes, of approximately 10 sets. This will physically reinforce the pump expansion. Stretches of 10 seconds, 10 sets can be added as well. Size the tube carefully and work on the technique to achieve a larger (non-bloated) normal looking penis.
  5. Exercise Consistently – Perform pumping most days of the week, after several months experience. Take a day or two off per week, and give you penis a rest, to help it rebuild.

I have used pumping significantly in my PE career and have found it to make a difference. It is harder to quantify and confirm pumping’s degree of permanence. Pumping is nevertheless a useful tool, when used in conjunction with manual base squeezes and stretches.

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Dr. Richard R. Howard II's areas of expertise are as a: health and fitness advisor, researcher, and financier (stock market and real estate). His degrees are a B.B.A. from Loyola University, New Orleans; and his M.P.H ., M.S., and Dr. P.H. from Tulane University 1988. He has served as a researcher in Organic Chemistry at Loyola University in 1973, an educator at Dominican College, New Orleans in 1977, a researcher in Biochemistry at Tulane University School of Medicine from 1978-88, and as a health and fitness advisor at the Howard Medical Clinic from 1982-1990.Dr. Ric is the author of "Vitamin C and Ophthalmic Wound Healing," published in 1988, and other peer review research papers. He was the Veterans Administration grantee in 1984. He was a member of Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society, and his biography is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America, from 1992 to present, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, from 1992 to present, and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, from 1994 to present .Dr. Ric is a student of health and wholeness, as well as the stock market and economic trends- both are great passions. He has spent a number of years professionally counseling in the areas of: health, fitness, nutrition and supplementation, as well as the stock market paradigms of success. He has a desire to help and encourage others to achieve their dreams in all dimensions of wholeness, health, finances, and, if they are so inclined, spirituality.Dr. Ric firmly believes we are only limited by our imagination. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All things are possible through faith. He is currently located in New Orleans, and his interests include health fitness, body building, swimming, running, golf, piano, sexual mastery, and spirituality. He is currently a health professional, PE coach, and stock market investor.


  1. Great article Dr.
    I have bought me a bathmate and after 3 months I am now starting to learn how to use it without my balls hurting or ending up smaller than a skittle. But after reading your article I assume there is more to it than just getting a good pump, as my goal is to achieve permanent gains.
    I am not committed to buy me one of those pump sleeves as I read it helps a lot. But my curiosity is more on whether the tube size, vacuum patterns, times and sets will apply to water pumping as well, more specifically bathmate.
    Thanks a million.

  2. Are slightly red bumps and dots normal if using the bathmate hydropump in the penis exercise workouts? I own one and want to be careful not to get over excited by pumping at full pressure.

  3. Wow terrific results Doctor, that is awesome that pumping even in it’s infancy was successful. I look forward to reading more of your articles and working with you in the future. I recently bought a pump and as I become more seasoned with it, I will look forward to being coached in more advanced techniques. Thank you again for your dedication to this work.

  4. Yes the picture looks huge. However, if you use the wrist as a reference it would appear to be about 8×6 on a small framed man.

  5. True great article, but i would like to know what you think about performing streching exercises before and after pumping sessions as well edging after pumping. Should it be good to better gains or is it too much?


    • Stretching before and after is fine, also girth squeezes particularly after helps to enhance and solidify the pumping process. Eg. try 10-15 second squeezes for 10 sets (or personal preference) after each pump set.

  6. Your question regarding photo shopped is a good one as there is an enormous proliferation of such on the web, and honestly it is hard to tell at times. I have an inventory of carefully chosen penis pump photos for illustration and believe this one to be authentic. As a scientist I do my upmost to maintain authenticity. In the next pumping article, I will follow up with more photos.

  7. is the picture of the penis in the article actually legitimate or is that photoshopped, its a monster if it is not!

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