Quantity of Kegels, PNF Burnout & More: Ask the Experts

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kegel mugBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about how many Kegels you should do, what is meant by PNF burnout and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I heard that with Kegels, the more the better….

…Is it productive to do as many Kegels as possible during the day, in addition to the 50 erect Kegels (e.g. while driving, before sleep etc)?

Big Al: Kegels are now the most abused exercise men do regarding male enhancement training (it used to be the jelq).  Because kegels are so convenient to do,  it’s very easy to abuse them.  The PC muscles are relatively small when compared to other muscle groups, and unlike the biceps or quads they cannot really be immobilized if you injure them.  They get worked every time you go to the bathroom, so allowing these muscles to heal can be difficult.

Read more about how to do Kegels for men, and the proper quantity here – How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men.

Q. In one of your Ask the Experts articles about PNF burnout …

… you state, “This is due to the high intensity of that exercise, which can cause rapid gains but also lead to  premature “burnout”.  Intense exercises, like PNF, can lead to burn out if you’re not careful.” I was wondering what you meant by “burnout.” Do you mean like a mental or physiological fatigue,and is this applicable to the more basic exercises? Can you just clarify what you meant? 

Big Al: “Burnout” often refers to the physical or mental feeling of revulsion toward training.  It often happens when a traineee attempt to overdo things in the hopes of accelerating gains.  In my opinion, the psychological version of burnout is more pervasive, and a lot of it comes from putting too much pressure on one’s self during training and measuring. With the wrong attitude, what becomes “pleasant” soon becomes drudgery and then revolting.

EVERY time that you train, you’re conditioning yourself psychologically.  If you approach your training with a sense of drudgery or because you feel forced to do it, your results will suffer.

Q. What’s the big issue with porn viewing…

… in order to get a firm erection in 60 seconds time, versus trying to use just my hand and maybe visualization which could take minutes more. It’s a time issue again.

Big Al: You should train to make maximum progress.  Unfortunately, this will, by necessaity, mean doing away with shortcuts that are not in your best interests.  Yo understand what effect porn can have on your training- and even your sexual performance and mental health- please see: https://www.pegym.com/articles/detraining-effect-understanding-reversing-negative-habits-improve-erection-quality-sexual-confidence-part-1

Q. Is variation a necessary component…

… for good gains?

Big Al: That falls into the category of mindset more than anything else. Some men are content in doing the same type of routine- only increasing in intensity and/or volume over time to force gains.  Still, some experimentation is worthwhile – even if done for a short period.  What’s most important is you find what works best for you.

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