Quantity VS Quality in Penis Enlargement Training

quality vs quantity penis enlargement

quality vs quantity penis enlargementWhen taking on any new exercise routine, whether it be for penis enlargement or some other male enhancement goal or a more traditional exercise program, we usually think of things like:

  • Number of reps we’re going to do
  • Number of sets we’re going to do
  • How many different exercises we’re going to do
  • How many days per week we’re going to exercise
  • How often we’re going to insert rest days

There’s one common factor in all of these components — they’re quantifiable.

When we start a new penis enlargement training program, it’s easy to focus on quantity. We think —

If I put the number of X in, I’ll get Y results.

There is some truth in that belief system. However, as many men will relate, it’s not the full story for success.

If you’ve ever said, “I did all of the exercises and followed the routine, but I’m not seeing the results!” You probably next thought, “Obviously, this doesn’t work!”

This is where you’re likely missing the other piece of any successful exercise routine — QUALITY.

Yes, the quantity (and the type) of exercises you do has a significant impact on reaching your goal. Related to this your consistency in exercising (Example: Your program has you exercising 4 days per week — you need to be consistent and get all 4 days in, not do 4 days one week, 3 days the next, 2 days a few weeks later.) is also important.

But, quality is also important. Whether your jelqing, doing penis stretches or any other manual penis enlargement exercises, quality can make or break your success.

Doing each exercise correctly is just as important as doing the right quantity.  In fact, doing penis enlargement exercises correctly won’t just make sure they actually work — doing them correctly will help you prevent injury!

Think of it this way…

If you were doing a traditional exercises, and jumping jacks were part of your routine, what if you did them kind of lazily? Perhaps you didn’t really jump and you only partially raised your hands. You wouldn’t get the real aerobic effect of those jumping jacks, would you?

It’s the same with penis exercises.

No matter if you’re looking for penis enlargement or other male enhancement benefits, the quality of your exercise, in addition to the quantity, will significantly impact your success.

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