Recommendations for Maximum Penis Enlargement Gains for Bathmate/Hydromax/Goliath

bathmate penis pump

Bathmate is the world’s best selling penis enlargement exercise device. This water-based pump has helped 1,000s of men all over the world get the penis enhancement results, since its creation in 2005. The Bathmate is a simple penis enlargement exercise device you can use while you shower or take a bath. Following are recommendations for maximum gains when using the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath.

You can use the Bathmate in the shower or the bath.
You can use the Bathmate in the shower or the bath.

Before You Begin Pumping with the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath for Penis Enlargement Exercise

Before you begin pumping with the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath, for penis enlargement exercise, there are two important steps to maximize your gains.

  • Ensure your pubic area hair is reasonably well-trimmed, to enable a good seal when using the pump.
  • Warm up your genitals with a warm shower or bath, for at least 3 to 5 minutes, prior to beginning your routine. The scrotum needs to be warm and relaxed, for effective, pain-free pumping. When the testicles relax and soften, this allows them to be away from the sealing area of the pump, improving the sensation for you and increasing the pump’s vacuum  sealing.

Bathmate Bathpump

Pumping with the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath

Once you begin pumping, for penis enlargement exercise, use the following recommendations to get the maximum increase in penis length and penis girth, in the shortest amount of time, with the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath.

  • Do not try to create the vacuum too quickly by forcing the penis enlargement device. This will not give you faster gains in size  or girth  but may cause discomfort and spots or bruising. Spots or bruising are caused by using the devise too  quickly and creating the vacuum force too fast. Be sure to take your time, relax and enjoy your Bathmate experience!
  • Remove the device every 5 minutes of use, when using it for penis exercise, to allow the blood to retract from the penis, then massage the penis for 30 seconds. Reapply the device and repeat the process. This not only maximizes your gains, but also improves your erection hardness by optimizing blood flow.
  • Use the Bathmate for up to 4 sets of pumping, 5-minute sets each, for a maximum of 20 minutes of pumping time, for the most effective penis enlargement exercise. This will give you the best all-around results in comfort, vascular expansion and size gains.
  • If your bathtub is narrow, and this causes your legs to be forced together, one of your testicles may be forced up into the device, due to the testicle being elevated by the inner thigh. If this happens, try increasing your relaxation period before pumping to 5 to 7 minutes. Position yourself so your legs are open.
  • If you’ve just performed a strenuous workout (running, basketball, etc.), you will need to increase your relaxation time when, you shower or bathe, before using the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath for penis enlargement exercise. Warm your scrotum up for approximately 10 minutes, prior to pumping.
  • Always pump slowly and stay within your comfort zone.