Red Hot Deals in February


hot_saleWe’re always looking to get our members the best deals on the best prices, here at For the month of February, we have 3 specials we’ve never had before! Check out the red hot February deals below.

Remember, once February is gone, so are these special prices!

20% Off Private Gym

private gymThe Private Gym is the first FDA registered exercise program to strengthen the muscles that support and control the penis, bladder, prostate, and bowels. In just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, you’ll enjoy: harder erections, more powerful orgasms, increased stamina, & more!

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$50 Off 12-Month Supply of Enlargel


Maximize your manhood with a 12-month supplyt of Enlargel. And, during the month of February, save $50! Enlargel takes a 2-step approach to natural male enhancement, increasing circulation and improving testosterone production. Don’t wait! Sale ends February 28th!

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$50 Off! Ultimate Combo Pack


Take your male enhancement to the next level with the Ultimate Combo Pack. Get a Penismaster extender (one of the best quality extenders on the market today), a JELQ device and a bottle of Enlargel. Everything you need to get the enhancement results you really want. Sale ends February 28th!

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