Reflections of a Penis Enlargement Coach


by Dr. Richard R. Howard II

Dr. Howard is the leading penis enlargement coach at, providing consultations daily to his clients. In addition, Dr. Howard has been a health and fitness adviser for 10 years, at the Howard Medical Clinic, and has personally gained over 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.

Beyond Penis Enlargement to Penis Enhancement:

When I was asked to be a penis enlargement coach two years ago, I was looking forward to helping others achieve their PE goals. These goals weren’t only about enlargement, but also enhancement. Enhancement is often overlooked, although it shouldn’t be. Enhancement results in a neurological rewiring/transformation that greatly increases the erotic component.These are some of the things that you notice in the PI’s, EQ’s and other erotic feeling that resonate greatly through you body, and the things a penis enlargement coach can help you realize.

Penis Enlargement is Like Bodybuilding:

Like Bodybuilding - Reflections of a Penis Enlargement Coach
Penis enlargement is similar to bodybuilding.

The process is comparable to bodybuilding. Through weight training, you not only increase the size of your muscles but also their capability/capacity. This is true of penis enlargement too! Just like having a physical trainer in bodybuilding, a penis enlargement coach can ensure you maximize your workouts and get the results you want.

Increase Your Size and Increase Your Confidence:

Increase Confidence -Reflections of a Penis Enlargement Coach
Increase your confidence with penis enlargement

Of course, as a penis enlargement coach will tell you, an even more important benefit is the impact on such things as self esteem and self confidence. ‘Big Al’, a leading penis enlargement coach, has said, “The most important benefits are the emotional ones. They far exceed those from mere “size” gains. It’s always a pleasure to see how some men evolve emotionally, once they realize their self-confidence and start feeling for and helping others.”

Your Penis Enlargement Coach is Your Mentor:

Coaching Skills - Reflections of a Penis Enlargement Coach
Penis enlargement coaches are an invaluable part of the penis enlargement process.

I view the penis enlargement coach as an expert mentor. This was stated very well by one of my students: “I would still be lost sorting through the monolithic volume of information and misinformation on the Internet. Penis enlargement coaches are badly needed, as they know the precise and best movements, tailored for the individual’s goals.”

This is an exciting age of rapid technological advances in sexual enhancement, of which the penis enlargement coach is among the forefront of this advancement. In turn, the penis enlargement coach can present this cutting edge technology to the student/client before it filters onto the PE board sites. With a penis enlargement coach, you have more timely access to the information.

Most Memorable Experiences from a Penis Enlargement Coach:

I would like to share some of my more memorable experiences, as a penis enlargement coach. What I share of my  experiences will give insight into some of the things that are important for success with Penis Enlargement that is facilitated by coaching. As mentioned, a penis enlargement coach, in some ways, is similar to a fitness trainer.

I have found that there are  a number of types of individuals that seek penis enlargement, including the “devoted conscientious.” The devoted conscientious are the ones who succeed in a big way. These are men of all ages. The energy, enthusiasm, determination, faith, commitment, time, and clear, intelligent thinking are the ingredients for achieving success.

Following are some of the experiences I have had while working as a penis enlargement coach, in the PE industry, through MeCoach, in association with Big Al and now as a penis enlargement coach at MeCoach’s sister site – Your Penis Doctor. We work together sharing information about the latest developments and latest technology. We each have our own style. Big Al is, and will always be, the pioneer in the penis enlargement coaching field.

The stories have been changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients, but the factual information is preserved.

The Big Gainers:

The big gainer students are individuals that have a passion for penis enlargement and are active in their communication with me, as their penis enlargement coach.  They proceed energetically and intelligently, effectively implementing the information they learn. This is generally how it unfolds: After subscribing and filling out the questionnaire, I communicate with the student to get to know the student, which allows me to determine the best mechanical device(s) and manual exercises for them. Then as their penis enlargement coach, I tailor fit the protocol to the student. The best doctors listen to their patients. As a health professional,  I believe this is the best policy — get to understand and know the individual.

Maximizing their motivation is so important for a penis enlargement coach! For example, you don’t  want to suggest a BIB Hanger if the individual is not keen on hanging weights. Instead it may be better to use computerized pumping , coupled with other mechanical enhancing devices and manual exercises, including tension stretch and girth squeezes. The computerized pumping protocol combination, as suggested above, is competitive to the BIB Hanging and offers a good alternative for intermediate to advanced students.

Now for some examples.

Student A and the BIB Hanger:

Student A was a young ,enthusiastic man, who sought me out as a penis enlargement coach. It was determined that the BIB Hanger was appropriate. While it wasn’t completely smooth sailing, as he had some skin irritation problems early on, we were able to resolve this, and the results have been very gratifying. Student A’s initial measurement was 6.5 inches. After 8 months, he grew to 7.75 inches. That’s 1.25 inches in eight months, through his determination and good communication with his penis enlargement coach, along the way.

Student B and Computerized Pumping:

For student B, an older man, it was determined that a mechanical device, coupled with  computerized pumping and manual exercises, such as the tension stretch  and girth squeezes, was best. He progressed in 10 months from 6 inches to 8 inches FSBP. Needless to say, as his penis enlargement coach, I was delighted and honestly a bit amazed.

Student C and Excessive Manual Squeezes:

Student C was a young man  who had injured himself from excessive manual squeezes. This caused damage to the corpora cavernosum. A CAT scan confirmed the damage, in the form of scar tissue and shaft indentation. This type of experience for a young man was challenging physically and emotionally, to say the least, as it directly affected his sex life at his  prime.

The doctors, I am told, were not able to do anything.  I was contacted by Student C, as he was desperate to find a solution. After some reflection, I decided the best intervention would be light vacuum pumping and some light jelqs to “pull out” the scar tissue/tunica indentation .

This case was one of my more challenging clients I’ve had as a penis enlargement coach, because innovative thinking was called for, with an uncertain outcome. After a number of months, Student C recovered physically and psychologically, I’m happy to say! When these type of injuries occur, your sexual self esteem is affected and so is intimacy. This can be devastating for a young individual. Fortunately, we were able to correct the problem, and he is doing fine now and dating with enthusiasm.

In conclusion, penis enlargement coaches definitely have a role in the Penis Enlargement industry. I have been asked what the near future holds, in terms of technological breakthroughs. Ordinarily, I will say my penis enlargement coaching crystal ball is in need of Windex; however, in this case, given the accelerated pace of technological innovations, we are on the cusp of a breakthrough only known by a very few. It should be exciting!


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Dr. Richard R. Howard II's areas of expertise are as a: health and fitness advisor, researcher, and financier (stock market and real estate). His degrees are a B.B.A. from Loyola University, New Orleans; and his M.P.H ., M.S., and Dr. P.H. from Tulane University 1988. He has served as a researcher in Organic Chemistry at Loyola University in 1973, an educator at Dominican College, New Orleans in 1977, a researcher in Biochemistry at Tulane University School of Medicine from 1978-88, and as a health and fitness advisor at the Howard Medical Clinic from 1982-1990.Dr. Ric is the author of "Vitamin C and Ophthalmic Wound Healing," published in 1988, and other peer review research papers. He was the Veterans Administration grantee in 1984. He was a member of Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society, and his biography is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America, from 1992 to present, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, from 1992 to present, and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, from 1994 to present .Dr. Ric is a student of health and wholeness, as well as the stock market and economic trends- both are great passions. He has spent a number of years professionally counseling in the areas of: health, fitness, nutrition and supplementation, as well as the stock market paradigms of success. He has a desire to help and encourage others to achieve their dreams in all dimensions of wholeness, health, finances, and, if they are so inclined, spirituality.Dr. Ric firmly believes we are only limited by our imagination. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All things are possible through faith. He is currently located in New Orleans, and his interests include health fitness, body building, swimming, running, golf, piano, sexual mastery, and spirituality. He is currently a health professional, PE coach, and stock market investor.