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Male Enhancement Coach AJ Alfaro

male enhancement coach big alBig Al, of, answers questions about penile stretches and hanging, and relaxing during stretches, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I just finished my jp90 and read your article about the cord. My problem is…

…something I posted before about my guy retracting during stretches that make that session unproductive. I found that if I keep my penis moving it wont get hard and pull back in so I can get a stretch feeling and shaft elongating. I randomly tried doing the “ok” grip around my base and moving my hand in small circles and was wondering how beneficial of a stretch this would be. Also some days pulling straight out works good and some days it doesn’t, so sessions are inconsistent to get positive PI’s. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Big Al: Learning to relax during a stretch is important- especially in cases like yours. You should attempt to perform your stretches with your hips in line with your torso (standing or reclining) instead of seated. This will afford you the best range of motion.

Q. Hi Al, I’d like to tell you about my hanging and would like input. First set: Used extra wrapping

…Would still feel the same pain in the beginning. So I tried to pull a little with less pressure from the gripper and let it slide down a bit to the glans. Then tighten it, that seems to do the trick.

Second set: Cotton wrap applied down from the glans to the base when stretching out the penis. Then second and third wrap from the base tot the glans without stretching out because it was already pre-stretched by the first wrap. Applied the hanger by pinching the wrap and stretching it
forward then applied. Much better, not the same painful feeling. Sadly enough it also kept filling my glans with blood and at the end off the set my glans was a bit darker.

Third set. All wraps applied from the glans down when the penis is stretched out and first added the hanger also stretching the penis out with my thumb and finger pulling on the glans. This would still give the painful feeling when tightening the hanger, it does not matter which pressure I use. So I did not pull out the glans and applied the hanger. This way it doesn’t hurt.

Big Al: Regarding your first set- this is good news 🙂 It can take one or more session to establish a specific wrapping method which will feel most comfortable and stable, but you may have developed a method which works best for you.

Regarding your second, do what you can to void the glans of any significant amount of blood before you set up the hanger. This may be done by squeezing most of the blood out of the glans. You shouldn’t overdo this part, though.

Regarding your third, Leaving the glans out of the equation would be your best option.


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