Reverse Kegels: Ask The Experts

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Big Al, of, answers questions about Reverse Kegels in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’ve seen many recommendations online that one should do Reverse Kegels as well as regular Kegels.

Is there a reason why you normally don’t recommend Reverse Kegels? Just curious.

Big Al: Reverse Kegels are recommended if one has a week urine stream or ejaculatory force. Do you feel this to be the case with you?

Q (reply): No, I dont suffer from those things. Do I still need to do them?

Big Al: In that case, standard Kegels and Stop and Starts should engage enough of the peripheral pelvic floor muscles and associated organs to ensure you’re getting full development. If you do feel the need to improve your ejaculatory force then the standard Reverse Kegels will help.

Q. What’s the difference in Reverse Kegels?

I see one described as a type of Kegel where you force pee out, and another where it reads like a stretch.

Big Al: The traditional Reverse Kegels is a contractile exercise where the Bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle is contracted and held.  This can be done by simulating forcing out urine.  This exercise is comparable to the standard Erect Kegel for assisting in venous sufficiency and tissue expansion.  It can also accomplish the goal of more powerful ejaculations.

The alternate version of the Reverse Kegel is described as a pelvic floor stretch. For more on this, please see: Caution about adding the Reverse Kegel to your routine

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