Ruler Stretches & Ensuring Your Training is Effective: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancement training Big Al, of, answers questions about the Ruler Stretch and how to know if what you’re doing is effective, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  I’ve heard of the Ruler Stretch exercise…

…but how do I do something like this for girth?

Big Al: I just finished describing this technique to a client. It’s similar to the Ruler Stretch in the way you can gauge tissue expansion in situ, but the difference is that the Ruler Squeeze is used to gauge girth while performing Squeezes.

Using a cloth or plastic tape measure, wrap it around the central portion of your shaft that’s left exposed when you do your squeezes, and secure it with a rubber band wrapped around the length of the tape. Be sure to have a little overlap so you can see where the beginning of the tape is in reference to the measurement. It’s not “pretty” and you’ll have to work at it to get an accurate reading, but once you get it down pat you’ll be able to gauge just how much expansion you’re putting your penis under.

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Q.  How do I know what I’m doing is any good for gains?…

… Sometimes I do a few reps of the Squeeze and it feels great.  Other times I’m doing mad reps and nothing.  It can be very frustrating figuring out what works!  Isn’t there a surefire gauge to tell whether or not something’s actually going to give me gains?

Big Al: I understand your dilemma, and it’s this specific challenge which causes many of us issues with gaining size.

The best way to describe what you seek would be based on your penis’ response.  Tissue stretch is PARAMOUNT here.  Whenever you perform a new exercise always establish a baseline of proper form.  Cement the feel of optimal tissue stretch in your mind so you know what to expect each time you train.  If you’re performing length work you should feel your ligaments then the shaft stretching as the exercises progresses.  Your penis should appear elongated after the session. With girth, the penile tunica/fascia should feel stretched and expanded.  The type of feel you get from performing a 100% Erect Kegel is about as pure a feeling of tunica tissue stretch you can get.  Duplicate this feel during your girth work and you’ll be sure to make gains!

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