Safety for Male Enhancement/Penis Enlargement Training – Part 1

Safety for Penis Enlargement Training - Conditioning
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This article will go in depth on how you can maximize your male enhancement / penis enlargement training experience by approaching it from the perspective of safety. It’s hope some misconceptions about this form of training will be dispelled as well.

It should be understood that ANY form of physical training carries risks. That being said, there’s a lot you can do to mitigate the potential for harm while maximizing results.

Male Enhancement Safety Guide for Penis Enlargement Training

1. Get a Thorough Medical Check Up

Safety for Penis Enlargement Training - Get a thorough medical checkup
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Before you begin any training regimen, it’s highly recommended you get a thorough medical check up! This will ensure there are no underlying issues which may be exacerbated by training. A general check up will suffice for most. But, if you’ve had any previous anomalies associated with the genital or pelvic region, it would behoove you to get a specialist to examine the area and clear you for training first.

2. Conditioning

Conditioning refers to one’s ability to withstand training stress. Developing high EQ (Erection Quality) using stamina based exercises like Kegels can go a long way towards developing conditioning, but if you’ve never performed any penis enlargement exercises, then making sure to ease slowly into training is very highly recommended!

The following is an excellent resource for getting started:

Before starting any male enhancement routine- please read!

In addition to male enhancement/penis enlargement specific conditioning, it would be within your best interests to make sure your cardiovascular fitness is at a high level of development. This factor- when combined with high EQ- will ensure you get the most out of your training experience.

Another factor we should consider is the thickness and rigidity of the tunica. Here’s a brief review of penile anatomy that will help you understand how conditioning or your ability to withstand training stress should help improve your EQ:

The tunica albuginea is a thick protective layer of densely packed fibers that protect the testes, surrounding the spongy chambers of the penis called corpora cavernosa.[1] It consists of layers of collagen that can accommodate a considerable degree of intracavernosal pressure.[2]

Tunica Albuginea - Anatomy of the Penis

According to studies by Dr. Ahmend Shafik in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, tunica layers vary in men; many have two layers of tunica, some have only one, while others have three.[3] Another research in the Journal of Urology shows that the The normal 3-dimensional structure of the tunica affords great flexibility, rigidity and tissue strength to the penis.[4]

Researchers speculate men who practice penis exercises may gain length and girth more quickly or slowly, depending on the number of tunica layers. We can also presume tunica thickness can influence how much exercise intensity one should apply, to avoid over or under training. So try to gauge the right workout intensity as you go along with your training.

3. Warm Ups

Safety for Penis Enlargement Training - Warm up heating pad
Heating pad for warm up or warm down

Warm ups literally heat the tissues and make them more pliable. Not only does this help to lessen the chance for injury, but it also increases training productivity. Warm ups also increase blood flow to the desired area- which comes in handy for many of the girth and stamina based exercises. This is one element of your training you should NOT skimp on!

You should take care to not overdo the warm up- either in time or duration. Excessively long warm ups can tier out the tissues of the penis, though some have experimented successfully with the application of mild heat during training. You should take care to not heat up the area more than a few degrees above body temperature-as the sensitive skin of the penis may be easily burned.

4. Warm Downs

When it comes to warm downs for penis enlargement training, it offers many of the same benefits as the warm up. But the warm down should also be used as a time to thoroughly inspect the penis for any minor bruises or abrasions. The warm down is also an excellent time to moisturize the skin of the penis to ensures it stays supple.

5. Training Prudence

Safety for Penis Enlargement Training - Conditioning

As outlined in Before starting any male enhancement routine- please read!, you should take care to err on the side of caution when it comes to initial training volume and intensity. The first few sessions should be given over to mastering training form. This is essential for safety as well as training longevity. Once the technique of the exercise has been mastered, you can begin to add repetitions and intensity in small, but regular increments to force gains.

Along with form, the “feel” of the exercise should also be developed during the initial stages of training- and one’s kinesthetic sense is sure to improve over time, as long as continued focus is directed towards this end. Doing this will ensure you develop the ability to extract as much as possible out of every repetition you perform.

In the next part of the Safety Guide for Penis Enlargement Training, we’ll discuss the mind set for proper training; and what to avoid to minimize the potential for injuries.


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