Male Enhancement Exercise Safety – Part 1 of 3

male enhancement safety

male enhancement safetyIn this series of articles, Big Al, of, explores male enhancement safety. This will be a three-part series of articles. Check back tomorrow for the second part of the series!


Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice. It’s important to consult with your physician before undertaking any new exercise program.


While male enhancement safety can be observed by ensuring one errs on the side of caution when beginning a routine, there are some general and specific guidelines to observe to ensure you avoid overtraining or injuring yourself. Whenever you begin ANY new movement, err on the side of caution with your reps and intensity. Understand there is always a risk of injury involved with any form of physical training, and even with the best of intentions one can injure themselves if there’s an anomaly or if an exercise is performed incorrectly.

To ensure maximum safety. your first few sessions should be given over to getting a feel for the exercise. In bodybuilding circles, this is often termed the “mind-muscle” connection. For our purposes, we can refer to this as the “mind-penis” connection. As sexual performance is much more rooted in the emotion, this particular type of connection is even more significant than the muscular variant!

You can expect different results and feel from training different aspects of the penis – and special attention should be paid to what you’re doing in order to elicit the best results while remaining injury-free.


If the exercise is a length movement, the initial stress should be felt in the basal ligaments. As the exercise progresses, the shaft of the penis itself should begin to stretch. You should come away from your length exercise with a visibly longer penis, but it shouldn’t appear deflated and exhaustion shouldn’t be felt. The exception to this is in the latter part of your training cycle- where slight degree of exhaustion should be felt. AT NO POINT during the exercise should you be feeling any pain!


For girth, latitudinal expansion should be felt in the tunica and fascia. The penis should appear visibly fuller after the exercise- the sensation is often described as a “plump” feeling to the penis.


The goal of stamina training is to increase penile hardness, endurance, ejaculatory control, and the powers of visualization. Very special care should be taken with stamina exercises- as the greatest percentage of overtraining and injury complaints now come from overworking these movements.

Before we get into the specific challenges of individual movements, the glans is especially sensitive and vulnerable to injury. At NO TIME should you be attempting to force blood into the glans to the point to where pain or extreme discomfort is felt! Any movement where the glans is expected to receive blood should be observed with extra caution!


Regardless of whether or not you feel you need it, each training session should end with a comprehensive warm up and warm down. To do either, make sure the penis is warmed to just a few degree above body temperature. This can be accomplished using very warm water, a rice sock, a heating pad or lamp, and other creative alternatives. During the application of heat, the penis should be massaged in a kneading fashion and also lightly stretched. Some degree of erection should be encouraged during this time to induce blood flow.

Not only does the warmth and massage help to keep tissues expanded longer (leading to more growth), it also induces more thorough healing. It (specifically during the warm down) also allows you time to inspect your penis for any unseen injuries with you might not have felt. The warm down should conclude with a light application of moisturizing cream or oil to help maintain the health of the sensitive skin of the penis.

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