Male Enhancement Exercise Safety – Part 3 of 3

male enhancement safety

male enhancement safetyIn this series of articles, Big Al, of, explores male enhancement safety. This is a multi-part series of articles. You can read Part 1 of this series here —

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Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice. It’s important to consult with your physician before undertaking any new exercise program.


This list will attempt to cover the most commonly reported problems related to training and performance.

Spots- Small bruises can be seen when too much pressure is applied to the penis. This can be brought on by most any movement. If they’re pinhead-size or smaller and dissipate by the next day it’s likely of no concern. If they’re larger than that or more persistent, then refrain from any further training until they’ve dissipated. You can use alternating heat and cold, light massage, and topic supplements like Arnica to help speed healing.

Blood blisters- These are a more severe version of blood spots and are notable by their raised appearance. They can be induced under extreme pressure or from a hard pinch. These might need to be drained at some point if they’re too large to dissipate on their own. Treatment for this might require bandaging to ensure the skin doesn’t tear and to prevent infection. If you have a blood blister anywhere on your penis you should wait until it’s totally gone before you resume any training!

Stains- There are two main types of stains- the reddish/purple kind which fluctuates with training, and the more permanent brownish type.

The former is usually found after very high intensity movement like pumping or clamping. This color should dissipate on its own after an hour is so. If the discoloration is deeper/more intense, it might take days (or longer to dissipate- and could a be a sign of your having seriously overworked your penis. This might be seen as more of a cosmetic issue, but only rest and therapeutic treatments (such as those outlined for the treatment of spots) will allow for healing.

Venous Leaks- Also known as “VL”, is a nebulous term used [for the purposes of this article] to describe the phenomenon of blood escaping the penis faster than it’s going in. Most blood vessels have slight leaks in them, but in the case of VL the leaks are significant enough to disrupt normal functioning. It’s though to be caused by large venous channels, diabetes, or low androgen/testosterone levels. Research also supports a weak tunica albuginea as being a culprit in the development of VL. Trauma in the form of injury or even an exercise performed too intensely may potentially contribute to VL.

In some cases, androgen supplementation has been shown to reverse the effects of VL. Other potential solutions for mild VL are the supplements Horse Chestnut and Butcher’s Broom (Ruscogenin). The kegel would be an effective exercise in combating VL.

Kegels and other stamina work exercises as well as other movements which strengthen the tunica directly should be effective at strengthening the penis to prevent VL.

Hard flaccids- This is a term given to the penis when it “hypercontracts” to the point to where the smooth muscle feels compact and firm. Hard flaccid is a symptom and not a specific issue in and of itself. This malady is noted in men who overtrain during enlargement and/or stamina training or strain particular muscles of the pelvic floor. Severe, chronic anxiety and drug use (especially stimulants) can induce or worsen this condition.

The treatment for this condition will depend on the etiology. In cases of pelvic floor strain, the particular muscles involved would need to be treated. Mild strains can usually be resolved with rest and concerted efforts at avoiding strain. More severe problems may require massage, stretching, or more professional/invasive treatments.

Involuntary Kegels- (IKs) occur when the Pubococcygeus muscles spasm uncontrollably. Symptoms can be as mild as occasional fluttering to full on, painful cramps resulting in strain. IKs are most often cause by abusing the kegel- either contracting too hard, performing too many, or by voluntarily contracting the PC during self stimulation. The latter can actually be an effective way of learning to control ejaculations/orgasms, but when this technique is overused/abused, the trainee may find himself having to kegel just to maintain an erection!

In mild cases, making a deliberate effort to avoid kegeling during stimulation would be the best course of action. In more severe cases, the treatment would be similar to what’s recommended for pelvic strains in the “Hard flaccids” section above,

Erectile Dysfunction- Also known as “ED”, this particular term is an effect and can have different contributing causes. In younger men, the main cause
is thought to be psychogenic in nature. In older men, declining fitness and body composition along with decreasing hormone levels are thought to contribute to more cases.

In cases where the ED is in the mind, the optimal solution would be for the subject to work with a trusted partner to overcome the issue by initially using comfortable, non-threatening sexual scenarios and gradually moving towards specific movements/environments which normally trigger ED. Stamina training focusing heavily on the visualization aspect can also be beneficial at the development of both penile strength and sexual confidence. In addition to direct stamina training, engaging in regular, intensive strength and cardiovascular training should also help to maximize the potential for optimal sexual performance.

Supplements such as Maca and Yohimbe have been known to act in a Viagra-like manner and can be effective at improving function. According to some, medical professionals are often noted to prescribe erector drugs like Viagra or Cialis for psychogenic ED- often in the hopes a few positive sexual encounters would be enough to eradicate negative thoughts which contribute to psychogenic ED.

Severe ED should be considered a medical matter and professional solutions should be given priority over self-treatment.


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