When Is Sexual Stamina an Issue?

When Is Sexual Stamina an Issue

no masturbation - When Is Sexual Stamina an IssueAlong with penis size, one of the most prominent issues men are concerned with is their sexual stamina. However, how long is long enough? When is sexual stamina an issue?

“Stamina” is a very subjective term. It’s like “tall” or “far.”  Driving 5 hours to go somewhere fun may not seem very “far,” but driving 55 minutes to work seems like the other side of the world. Ask someone who is less than 5 feet tall if someone at 5′ 7″ is “tall” and they’d likely say “yes.” But ask someone who is over 6 feet tall, and they’d likely say “no.” Terms like these are very relative and are both situational and/or individual. The same is true for the term “stamina.”

There is no magic number for how long sex should last. Whether it’s 3 minutes or 3 hours long, neither length of time is better or worse, necessarily. The length of time you spend having sex isn’t necessarily a factor on the quality of sexual satisfaction for either partner. It is absolutely possible to have amazing sex relatively quickly, as well as have lousy sex that goes on and on.

Sexual stamina becomes an issue when one thing and one thing alone happens:

You and or your partner are unhappy with how long sex lasts.

Now, does this mean the problem is truly centered on “stamina.” Not necessarily. Foreplay and technique issues can sometimes be mistakenly thought of as stamina issues. However, assuming that you and your partner are happy with those two things, but you’d just like sex to last longer, then it’s stamina.

Keep in mind though, the appropriate length of time spent having sex changes based on the situation. If you and or your partner have an early morning  the next day, maybe you don’t want a marathon sex session the night before. If you are on vacation and can take your time, “stamina” can mean a much longer time, if you and your partner want. See – it’s relative!

Sexual stamina isn’t a number, but rather if you are able to last as long as you and your partner want, in any given sexual situation.

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