Small Penis Anxiety: It’s Real & Can be Devastating


small_penis_anxietySmall penis anxiety is a very real condition. Ironically, this psychological condition usually affects men who have normal penis sizes, but they are continually worried they don’t measure up. When taken to an extreme, this condition can actually become a body dysmorphic disorder. At this point, men are so worried about their penis size that it interferes with their social lives and can even cause psychological distress.

A recent study conducted at Kings College London has now further called attention to this disorder, and urges scientists to develop therapy for men who are suffering from small penis anxiety. The researchers note that the psychological effects can be devastating for the men suffering.

In the study, researchers study 26 participants – both heterosexual and homosexual – who self-reported concerns about their penis size. When measured by the researchers, all participants, interestingly enough, had statistically normal-sized penises. In addition, they had statistically similar sex lives – number of partners, frequency of intercourse, level of desire – as reported to be average by men who do not have concerns about penis size.

Although the men in the study were “normal” statistically, they didn’t perceive themselves as normal. To this end, the researchers recommend psychologists and therapists develop treatments that can help alleviate some of this unnecessary anxiety. As we know, this anxiety can then lead to more sexual health problems, including erectile dysfunction, further compounding the anxiety!

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