Do I Have a Small Penis? How to Increase Your Penis Size if You Do

Written by Kimberly Wylie

Having a small penis is something many men worry about. Men have even had marriage proposals turned down because of their penis size. However, women say, “Size doesn’t matter.” If size doesn’t matter, why has an entire industry has been created to address small penises? Confused yet? You’re not alone! Most men have wondered at some point in their life, “Do I have a small penis?”

Small penis

Read on to learn all about penis sizes. How big is a big penis? Does penis size really matter? What is the average penis size? How do I use my penis better if it is small? And more!


  • Small Penis Marriage Proposal –  The-age old question “Does having a small penis matter?” was recently tackled by a man whose marriage proposal was turned down because of his “lack of size.” His documentary result: It depends on the woman.
  • What is Small? – The average penis size varies greatly depending on the country you’re in.
  • Micropenis – A micropenis is medically defined as a penis that is less than 3 inches in erect length.
  • Size Isn’t Everything – There are numerous positions and techniques you can use to satisfy your partner, if you do have a small penis.
  • Getting a Bigger Penis – If you feel like you penis is small, there are things you can do to make it larger.


Penis Size Around the World

To understand what a “big penis” is, it’s important to understand what is normal. Different studies report different numbers for average penis size. Their studies depend on the demographic diversity of their sample, but range between 4.6 inches and 6 inches. However, as shown in the penis size map, from, below, you can see the penis size varies dramatically, from country to country, due to racial differences for that nationality.

Average Penis Size By CountryDo I Have a Small Penis?

Penis Sizes, Small, Average, Large
A “small penis” can be any penis size where you or your partner feel feel your penis length and/or girth is not adequate. Again, it can also depend where you are geographically located, as shown in the map above.

Size truly is relative!

Here are some things to consider, to help determine if you really have a small penis:

  • American Penis Size – The average American male’s penis is 5.1 inches erect.
  • South & North Korea – South Korea and North Korea have statistically the smallest penises in the world, averaging 3.8 inches erect.
  • Rule of Thumb – Most agree that an erect length of four inches or less is considered to be a smaller penis; however, this doesn’t mean these penises are inadequate..
  • Micropenises – True micropenises are incredibly rare.
  • Size can be Irrelevant – If you and your partner are happy (sexually satisfied) with your penis, size becomes irrelevant.

What is a Micropenis?

A “micropenis” is medically defined. small penis micropenis treatmentA micropenis:

    • Occurs in approximately 0.6% of men,
    • Has an erect length smaller than 3 inches, for an adult male,
    • Is a fully-functioning penis, and
    • Is usually a result of:
      • Reduced prenatal androgen production,
      • Testicular dysgenesis,
      • Androgen insensitivity syndromes,
      • Gonadotropin deficiency,
      • Congenital hypogonadism,
      • Congenital growth hormone deficiency, or
      • Other genetic malformation syndromes.

If you don’t have a micropenis, but are worried about your lover’s evaluation of your size, know that most women are used to the average 4-inch to 6-inch range. Banish the negative self-thoughts about having a small penis if you’re included in this range.

How Big is a Big Penis?

Again, remember – size is relative. However, most small penis manscapingpeople agree a “big penis” is a penis that is:

  • Longer than 7 inches in length and/or
  • Has a girth of more than 6 inches.

Even the average penis you see in porn is around 7 inches in length. Of course, most of the guys in porn are well-manscaped, making their penis look as big as possible — trimming the bush to make the tree look bigger.

John Holmes has the world’s largest penis at 13.5 inches long!

Putting Penis Size in Perspective

To better understand how big we really are, and the dimensions we’ve just discussed, let’s get a good visual of some of the measurements. If you’re hoping to be six inches, we need to know what six inches looks like, right?

Some guys think they’re small simply because they don’t have a good sense of how big some of these measurements are in real life.

Let’s put your penis size into perspective. small penis infographic

small penis penis size comparison

Here’s some help visualizing what the differences are between a micropenis, average penis and a large penis —

  • 3 Inches – This is the size of an average square sticky note. Micropenises are smaller than this length, when they are erect.
  • 5 Inches – This is the approximate size of a 12-ounce soda can. This is also the approximate average of erect penis size in America.
  • 8 Inches – Those great, all-purpose, orange-handled Fiskar scissors are 8 inches in length. Despite many claims to the contrary, 8 inch penises (and above) are very rare. Only 3% of men have penises that are 8 inches or greater in erect length.

Measuring Your Penis:

One error men commonly make when determining if they have a small penis is  measuring incorrectly.  You may be short-changing yourself, if you’re not measuring properly. To properly measure your penis:

  1. With a fully erect penis, lay a ruler or measuring tape along the top of the shaft of your penis.
  1. Press the end of the ruler gently, into the fat pad of your pubic region.
  1. Take the measurement at the tip of your glans, to determine your bone-pressed erect length (BPEL).
  1. Check out our video on measuring BPEL, for a demonstration.


The answer here is circular – it matters, if it matters to you. If you care what your lover thinks, and she does have concerns about your size, then it will matter to you. If you’re satisfying your lover, and you’re comfortable with what you’re packing, it doesn’t matter in the least (no pun intended).

Let’s be practical though – most of us care to some degree what others think. Most of us don’t want to be seen as deficient in any area, let alone the  area most associated with our masculinity.

What Women Want

small penis size preference chartWomen tend to be split on the importance of penis size to them.

  • Some say, “Yes, penis size is important.”
  • Others say, “No, there are other factors way more important than penis size.”
  • Some may just be being polite, and we can’t trust they’re being honest.

One Australian study, performed at the Australian National University, found that all things being the same, women preferred men with larger penises. You can read more about this study in our article Penis Size Influences Male Attractiveness.

As you can see from the chart created by a survey on, there is a wide range of what women find enjoyable. From 5 inches long or 4 3/4 inches in girth, women report these sizes as being, at the very least, “enjoyable.”

The Penis Size Debate

Of course, this data is subject to debate, given the “ideal” length reported ranges from 7 inches to 8 1/4 inches and enjoyable up to 11 inches in length. Knowing that only 3 percent of men have penises 8 inches or larger, it seems suspect that so many women could make claims to preferring this size. Either these well-hung fellows are getting around quite a bit, or even women don’t exactly know how big 8 inches really is.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Too Big – For some women, a penis that’s too big is just as big of a problem as one that’s too small. Although the cervix does rise into a woman’s body slightly, when she’s aroused, a penis that is too large and hits the cervix can be painful.
  • Girth is Better – For other women, girth is more of a concern than length. With the G-spot located only a couple of inches from the vaginal opening, a super-long penis isn’t truly needed to satisfy your partner. However, a thicker penis gives a “fuller sensation” and can be more pleasurable for the woman.
  • The Motion of the Ocean – For still other women, a talented lover, who knows how to use what he’s got, and may be talented in other methods of sexual fulfillment, means they don’t even think about the size of their man’s penis.
  • Size Queens – Of course, there are the “size queens” out there. These are the gals that, for whatever reason, feel like they can only be satisfied with a giant penis. This may be physiological or psychological, but either way, if you’re not one of the lucky few who are truly well-endowed, you likely won’t be a good “fit” for her.

The Unhung Hero

Patrick Moote ran into a nightmare scenario – he small penis patrick mooteproposed to his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game and she said no. One of her reasons? His penis was too small. Rather than never showing his face in public again, Patrick tackled the issue head on by creating a documentary about his small penis. Obviously his size mattered to him and his former girlfriend.

The stats aren’t what’s important – it’s what the specific person across from you thinks. Patrick Moote’s hoped-for fiancee knew that it mattered to her. Another woman may have been so impressed by Patrick’s oral skills, that a little less size below the belt wouldn’t matter.

The importance of penis size, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

The good news is, if you and/or your partner feel like you do have a small penis, there are things you can do!


A large penis isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be a good lover. In fact, there are plenty of men with penises on the larger size who really aren’t all that great in bed. They think just because they’ve got a larger penis, that that’s enough. It isn’t! Great sex isn’t even just about penetration. And, that’s why even if you have a small penis, you can still be the best lover your partner has ever had!

Getting Your Partner Ready for Sex

Great sex, even with a small penis, all begins long before actual intercourse.

  • Half of sex is mental. Get your partner in the right frame of mind for sex. This can start much earlier in the day, with sexy texts, slow dancing, nibbles on the ear while she prepares dinner, etc. Let her know how much you want her early on, and get her mentally revved up for sex later.
  • Foreplay is key. If you want to be an amazing lover, you need to be phenomenal at foreplay. It takes women, on average 10 minutes to become fully aroused. You may be raring to go in just a couple of minutes, but she needs more foreplay. The more aroused you get her with foreplay, the easier it’ll be for her to orgasm. In fact, you can use foreplay as your first opportunity to make her orgasm!

Positions for a Small Penis

The one benefit a large penis has over a small penis is the ability to get into a greater variety of sexual positions. This, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t sex positions you can use to your advantage, if you have a small penis.

small penis doggy style

  • Doggy Style – This common sex position is great if you’re worried about having a small penis. With her head down on a pillow and you leaning as far forward as possible, you can really make a small penis feel quite large.
  • The Snake – If you’re worried about your lack of girth, the snake is an excellent way to make her feel fuller. Have your partner lay face down on the bed, with a pillow under her hips, to raise her buttocks into the air slightly. Straddle the outside of her thighs and separate them slightly so you can enter her from behind. Once you’ve penetrated her, keep her thighs closed by pressing them together with the inside of your thighs, for a super-tight fit.
  • The Vee – With your partner on her back, enter her while on your knees. Lift her legs into the air, pulling her hips off the bed and bending her slightly at the waist. You can then use her legs to brace yourself as you thrust deeply into her, or place her legs over your shoulders, to free up your hands. You can even use a free hand to manually stimulate her, while you thrust, doubling her pleasure.

 Other Techniques for a Small Penis

You don’t even have to have a penis to satisfy your partner. If your penis is too small to get the job done, don’t despair! There are other techniques you can use, to bring your partner to orgasm and make sure you’re both enjoying a satisfying sex life. The best part about these techniques is they are focused on your partner and your partner’s pleasure. What woman wouldn’t appreciate such an unselfish lover? These techniques include:

  • Oral Sex – With the right technique, oral sex can be small penis sex toyjust as physically gratifying as penetrative sex. Read up on different techniques and give them a try with your partner. Talk to her and find out what she likes. Give her an orgasm (or two) orally, and chances are she won’t mind if your penis is a little small, when you move to the main act.
  • Manual Stimulation – No matter how big your penis is, your fingers have far more dexterity than your penis ever will. Use this to your advantage! Although some guys (of varying penis sizes) have trouble finding the G-spot with their penis, most, with practice, can “hit the spot” with their fingers.
  • Sex Toys – There are so many different sex toys on the market today, you and your partner are sure to find something she really likes. Even if your girl isn’t too excited about going into an adult store to do some shopping, you can both shop from the privacy of your own home thanks to the Internet.


Dos for a Small Penis

If you feel you have a small penis and want to do something about it, here’s your plan of action:

small penis woman checking man's penis

  • Do Penis Exercises – Just like other muscles in your body, penis exercises can help you gain both girth and length.
  • Do Cardio – Your penis is a hydraulic wonder of nature. For this reason, a healthy cardiovascular system will also mean a healthier and larger erection.
  • Do Lose Weight – There’s a fat pad right in front of the pubis that can actually hide your usable penis length. When you lose weight, this fat pad shrinks and you get a bigger penis.

Don’ts for a Small Penis

What a lot of men don’t realize is our penis size is in a constant state of change. Size is is affected by many different factors, including:

  • Don’t Gain Too Much Weight  Weight plays an enormous factor in your penis size, especially if you’ve gained weight. There is a region located right above your penis, as well as around its base called the fat pad. This fat pad grows as you gain weight, hiding some of your penis. As you lose weight, more of your penis will be revealed. For approximately every 35 lbs you lose, about ¼ of an inch of your penis is revealed. Don’t try and trade 280 lbs for a 2 inch gain though.
  • Don’t Carry Stress With You – The more relaxed you are, the bigger your penis is – so relax! Stress and anxiety constricts the blood vessels, which in turn affects the blood supply to the penis. The end result is your penis receives less blood than it needs to be at its maximum size. With this reduced blood flow, your penis looks smaller than it will if your relaxed.
  • Don’t Smoke or Eat Poorly – Unhealthy lifestyle choices, like smoking small penis smokingand poor diet, can result in a small penis. Smoking and diet are huge factors because they impact the circulation system, much like stress and anxiety. Smoking constricts the blood vessels, like stress, which means you get less blood in your penis, when it comes time for an erection. Also, restricted blood flow means the cells aren’t as healthy as they could be, also resulting in smaller flaccid length as well.


Poor Circulation = Small Penis

If you won’t stop smoking for your lungs, heart or throat, do it for your penis!


If you’re not happy with your small penis, there ARE things you can do! First, use this site to your advantage and learn all about penile enhancement and enlargement. If there’s one lesson to remember, it’s that you do have options if you’re not happy with the size of your penis.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are a great, natural way to increase your penis length and/or girth, with absolutely no special equipment required. They work by the same concept as body builders use when increasing their muscle mass. Microtears occur in the tissue, resulting in new cellular growth and a longer, thicker penis.

Some of the most effective penis exercises for small penises include:

  • Kegels for Men – Kegels are the only penis exercise that target the skeletal muscles needed for a healthy, strong erection. By contracting the pelvic floor muscles, and holding the contraction, you’ll not only improve the blood flow to your penis, needed for penis growth, but also realize a whole host of other sexual health benefits, including a better erection angle (very important if your penis is small), improved prostate health, and much, much more. The best part? Kegels can be done anywhere – in the office, while watching television, even while waiting at a stop light. Read more about Kegels our article – Kegels for Men.
  • Stretches – Penis stretches, as the name implies, focuses on stretching the penis. Like jelqing, stretches can be done directionally, to focus on curvature correction. Some stretches are designed specifically for girth development. Beginners should only stretch when completely  flaccid; however, when you become more advanced, you can stretch when partially erect. Learn more about penis stretches in our article – Penis Stretching.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis enlargement devices are devices to help you enlarge your small penis. These include a variety of devices, from those that assist you in doing penis exercises, to those that do the work for you. These include:

  • Penis Pumps – Penis pumps come in a variety of designs, but all
    small penis bathmate
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    have a cylinder, that you place your penis in, and a pump to create vacuum in the cylinder. The vacuum then causes the tissue of the penis to expand and blood to flow into the penis. Some, like the Bathmate, can be even used in the shower or bathtub. You can learn more about penis pumps in our article – Penis Pumping Techniques.

  • Penis Weights & Hangers – Penis weights and hangers use the power of gravity to enlarge your small penis. Weights are attached directly to the penis. Hangers use a hanging attachment to connect with the penis and then weights attached to the hanger. Hangers, like the LG Hanger, have seen great results for penis enlargement. Read more about penis weights and hangers in our article – Penis Weights & Hangers.
  • PEXtender by PEGym Penis Extender Set No Pump
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    Penis Extenders – Penis extenders, like pumps, come in a variety of designs. However, they have some basic components. These include a means to attach to the base of the penis and the glans. They also include stretching bars that can lengthen to extend the penis. These can typically be worn under your clothes. Read more about penis extenders in our article – Penis Extenders 101.

Penis Supplements

Herbal medicine and herbsPenis supplements are herbal supplements designed to assist you in your penis enlargement journey. The ingredients increase your blood flow to your penis, which is critical to getting a larger and harder penis. Some of these supplements can also help improve your sexual stamina. Although supplements alone will not increase your penis size, they are a key factor in enlarging your small penis. They ensure you have the most effective blood flow to maximize your efforts. VigRX is one of the many supplements our members have recommended.

Penis Enlargement Books

There are also excellent books, such as Penis Exercises edited by Rob Michaels, that will guide you through numerous exercises to ensure you get the added size, safely and effectively. No matter if you think you have a small penis or simply would like to have a larger one, give penis exercising a try. You have everything to gain!


The answer is that anything above 5 inches small penis quoteisn’t small. But you may be 6 inches and still feel small. You may even know that 6 inches is above average and still feel small. There are men who begin performing penis enlargement exercises who have a starting penis size most of us would consider to be large. It’s like a slender woman looking at herself in the mirror and thinking, “I look fat!” Men aren’t immune from the same body image distortions.

Who hasn’t watched porn and felt a little intimidated by the performers? Just remember, they’re in that business for a reason. They’re like NBA players compared to the average man. Most people you pass on a daily basis aren’t 6 ft 10-inch, world-class athletes. You shouldn’t expect to compete with them on the court. Scroll back up and take a look at those average penis sizes again. Porn stars are really exceptions to the penis size rule. Remember – 97% of men have penis LESS than 8 inches erect. Most importantly, remember –

If you aren’t happy with your penis size, you CAN change it!


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