Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant: A Celebration of Being Proud of Who You Are

smallest penis pageantIt might seem odd for me to write about an event that supports small penises. I mean, isn’t the PEGym about larger penises?

Yes, and no.

Obviously, we give men the information and the tools needed for penis enlargement. However, what I think makes PEGym different from 99% of the other penis enlargement sites out there is we are so much more! We also understand that true sexual health goes beyond the physical size of your penis, and begins with loving who you are as a man – no matter what your size. (Check out our article: Do I Have a Small Penis? if you are curious how you measure up.)

So, let me tell you about a little event that someday I hope to attend —

The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant!

Once a year, Bushwick’s Kings County Saloon hosts this celebratory pageant. Hundreds of people come out, to attend the festivities. One attendee noted, “(..)I think it’s empowering. It’s a huge step forward for body positivity and acceptance.  Plus it’s humorous.”

“It’s a very positive event,” states Kings County owner Jesse Levitt. “We’re trying to create a platform where if guys have something that people might traditionally make fun of or see it as a disadvantage, we want to show that they’re proud, and that there’s so much other great stuff about them that we shouldn’t focus on this one thing. We don’t judge.”

With a formal wear, swimwear, and talent portion of the competition, as well as tongue-in-cheek drink specials, like the “Penis Colada” the pageant seems to be the perfect blend of fun and acceptance. As this year’s emcee, Emmanuel Wilson (AKA “Chicken Bitches”) tells the audience at the beginning of the event, “These amazing men will do their best to earn your respect… If you came here to make fun, you better get the fuck out!”

The message throughout the fun (and sometimes raunchy) night is summed up perfectly by one of this year’s contestants, known as “Puzzlemaster,”

“Just feel good, feel beautiful, because everybody’s cool, and everybody has something to offer. Whether you’ve got a small dick or something else, there’s something beautiful in everybody.”


Well said, Puzzlemaster. Well said!


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