So, If You See a Giant Penis Walking Around in Norway…

norway penisSo, if you see a giant penis walking around in Norway, it’s not that you’ve had too much lutefisk! Check out the video below.

19-year-old, Philip van Eck has been hired by a sexual health charity, RFSU, to spread the word about the dangers of chlamydia. Dressed as a giant penis (kind of small testicles included), van Eck is sneaking up on unsuspecting people and shooting glitter at them.

The point? Chlamydia can sneak up on you – so wear a condom.

With 23,000 new cases of chlamydia each year in Norway, it’s become a serious sexual health concern. However, with most of these new cases being young people, RFSU wanted a marketing campaign that would catch their attention.

“Sex should be fun, exciting and a little naughty. Therefore, we wanted to create a campaign
that reflects this. The campaign fell on good ground and people understood the humor in
the message, although many, especially those over 30 thought the campaign was both banal and idiotic,”

says Pernille Berg of RFSU.

Whether you think it’s a funny campaign that will grab the attention of their targeted audience, or you think it’s just idiotic, the reality is even the smartest people can make mistakes.  As van Eck notes,

“I’m lucky to have a reasonable group of friends, but there is always someone
who can have a bit too much alcohol.
If I can help more people remember protection,
then that’s what I want to do.”

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