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Male Enhancement Coach - Big Al

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about speeding up size and improving erection quality in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’m looking to add some supplements to my training…

…and wanted to know what ones are the best for making big gains?

Big Al: For EQ & libido, I highly recommend Yohimbe. This one has side effects if you have high blood pressure or suffer from regular headaches, so a fair alterrnative would be Maca or Epimedium. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are good for pre-workout or pre-sexual contact potency.

For genitourinary health, Vitamin E and Zinc are essential;

For topical healing, arnica is excellent; and

For venous sufficiency, Ruscogenin AKA “Butcher’s Broom” is very good.


Q. I train 4 days a week and love it!

…What can I do when I’m not training to help speed up the gains?

Big Al: The best thing you can do is to follow a heart healthy lifestyle. This means eating, training and taking care of yourself in a way which fosters maximum cardiovascular ability.

If you’re new to cardiovascular training, the easiest method of improving is to engage in (to your abilities) long distance walking. Start by attempting to walk for 30 minutes straight using a moderate pace. As you become more proficient, you’ll maintain the time but speed up the pace. If you like lower impact alternatives, swimming, cycling, and rollerblading/skating are just a few alternatives.

Diet-wise, you should be consuming plenty of fibrous vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats (think olive and fish oil), and keep the sugars and starches to a minimum.

You should also consider meditative training if you find yourself suffering from stress. STRESS is perhaps the #1 cause of erectile dysfunction among all men.


Q. I’m just interested in training for EQ gains but I like jelqing…

…I don’t want to hurt myself either or cause my EQ to suffer, so how should I continue to jelq and still gain EQ?

Big Al: I first heard about the jelq a while before I had ever accessed the internet. It was in a sexual health book, and the author described it as a “milking” exercise. The purpose outlined in the book for this exercise wasn’t for enlargement, but to help train the penis to become erect.

The LIGHT jelq can be conducive to better EQ, and few exercises are better from transitioning from a “Stamina Only” regimen to a full routine. The keyword here is “light”. Use just enough force to feel the exercise.

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