Squeeze Repetitions, Kegels During Sex & More: Ask the Experts

kegel for men

kegel for menIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, ofMaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about squeezes, using Kegels during sex and more.

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Q. Is there a recommended starting point to the number of squeezes…

…I need to start with- 5 to 10? 20 to 30? I know you said comfort, but I figured I would ask because I tend to go harder than I need to.

Big Al:  Start off with 5-10 reps and see how you feel. Please note the level of erction too.  You’ll need at least a minimum of 70% to make the exercise effective for girth.

Q. How do I apply my improved Kegel skill during sexual activity?…

…Do I do a hold before I reach PONR? During PONR? Etc?

Big Al: It’s ALL in the timing.  A well-timed Kegel can allow you to either hold back or accelerate your orgasms/ejaculations. The way to ensure you’re mastering your timing of the Kegel for holding back or accelerating your ejaculations is through practice.  Practicing during the Stop and Start is a good way of learning how to master that ability, but even better would be if you were able to practice your Kegeling DURING sexual intercourse.

Q. I really think I might be performing the Kegels at a higher intensity than your are suggesting…

…I just don’t see how to do a “partial” contraction — I just tried to do a partial contraction as I was typing that, and it definitely feels fatigued/sore (not actively painful), which is a nice sign.

Big Al: Like any type of mastery, performing the Kegel properly is going to take time.  It’s easier to contract the PC very hard than it is to contract it very lightly.  Learning to develop a”light touch” should also help you in establishing ejaculatory control during sexual activities and Stop and Starts.  Kegeling too hard when you’re attempting to either stop an ejalulation or initiate an orgasm can ruin the effect.

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