Stealth for Men Innerwear & Corkscrew Reviews


stealth-innerwear-for-men-penis-enlargement-reviewIf you haven’t tried Stealth for Men Innerwear and Corkscrew

What are you waiting for?!  🙂

OK, seriously, I personally never buy anything without reading reviews. Heck, I don’t even try a new restaurant without checking it out on Google or Yelp! The Internet now makes it possible to actually get first-hand, real reviews, from people you normally would’ve never been able to hear from, before the Internet.

With this in mind, check out these reviews from real Stealth for Men users.

Stealth for Men Innerwear & Corkscrew Reviews

“I wish I could meet the inventors of Stealth and give them a hug or shake their hands. They changed my life in a way I never thought possible. As a tall guy with large thighs and a ‘grower’ I have always been self-conscious about looking ‘small.’ Now, I feel big, thick, whole and complete. My interactions with women are way, way more positive and my performance in bed has improved as well. I could go on and on but you owe it to yourself to try this product if you are looking to improve this side of your life.” – P


“I’ve been trying for years to find something to end my turtling. I like Stealth because it’s flexible and that it’s designed to keep from turtling. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to stop turtling” – Jeff C


“Stealth is the most comfortable stretcher device out there. It has aided in cementing my gains and gives a very nice bulge in the pants. It is amazing during winter to keep the member warm, and also looks natural. Consequently because I have used stealth, it has allowed me to go up a couple of sizes. Which makes the wife happy. And makes the ladies eyes go big. Thanks stealth!” – Charles


“I was looking for a way for me to keep my gains and it brought me to your interesting site. It looked to be a holy grail to a way to keep my gains. The material is firm and allows no turtling. Stealth has made my shaft like steel and my wife has noticed the impact both in size, stamina, and the amount of ejaculation! Already recommended it to 5 of my friends!” – @foreverpharaoh


“Great product and the customer service is hands down the best that there is. This company really cares about the customers and deserves every penny earned. Awesome all around” – Antonio


“Until I found this product, I tried and failed in keeping my member in a nice, long, flaccid state. Not only does it boost my confidence and ego, but it really helped me to cement the gains in size, which I would lose had it not been for Stealth. I believe it also helped me in training a longer and thicker member. Soon I will order a few sizes larger Stealth innerwear.” – @et


“Great product. Easy to use. Can wear it all day. Can go to the bathroom with it on so way less hassle than other products. Comfortable. Easy to wash and has really helped with my turtling. I now after 6 months have a more pronounced hang and have gone up 2 sizes. I would recommend this to any guy” –Chris I


“Great tool for anti-turtling and healing in the right state after pe-exercises. I have used it for 2-3 months. I’ve done pe-exercises for about a year. I can wear it comfortably while sleeping, while running, while biking, while lifting weights at the gym, basically in every situation, and the best thing is, it doesn’t slip at all, when you have the right size. it doesn’t show that you wear it either, but it does look like you´ve got a bigger package. But hey, that’s a plus! Another good thing about the product is the price, it´s not overpriced, and the quality is good. I really don´t have anything bad to say about the product. I recommend it to everyone who want to boost the process to get a bigger package or avoid turtling, beginners and veterans.” – Martin


“I have struggled for a long time with turtling. I found Stealth and I will never stop wearing it! Not only did stop my turtling it has increased my soft hang. I will be ordering more as my size increases!” – R Reuter


“Let me tell you, it does everything it says it will. Comfort, ease of care and the confidence while wearing it…….wow! If you are considering this product, you won’t be disappointed. A wonderful accessory for anyone that PE’s. Thanks Stealth………….. ” – Bruce M


“The quality of this product is outstanding! There was no faults and the delivery was on time as well. Great customer services who listens well to their customers.” – Sharm R.


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