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stealth innerwear for men penis enlargement

stealth innerwear for men penis enlargementStealth for Men is one of our newest partners at PEGym. Their products have generated lots of buzz on our forums in the past couple months. Members from PEGym submitted their reviews.

Check out all of the entries below and see what members are saying about this awesome product!

A Week Ago & I’m Already Seeing HUGE Results!

WOW! A week ago my Stealth Innerwear arrived and I’m actually already seeing HUGE results! First of all, the Packaging is discreet which was important to me. It’s super easy to put Stealth on, by the 2nd day I could easily slip Stealth on in a matter of moments.

Right away I noticed Stealth is Extremely comfortable, I have been wearing it to Bed and during free time at home. You can definitely wear it when you go out, personally I prefer to be more Stealth because with sweatpants or suit pants it looks like you have a Monster. I’m sure I will fine an appropriate time to wear it for a night out, if you know what I mean. It’s also pretty damn nice every time I look down, go to the bathroom or see it in the mirror.

My Flaccid hanging length is by far Longer than it has ever been! I’m not sure if these results are typical because by now I’m definitely hanging 1-1.5 inches Bigger, granted I have been wearing Stealth at least a few hours each day of the past week. It really does seem like it makes your Penis Longer when flaccid. With how flexible and comfortable Stealth is there is zero reason for me to not to be teaching my penis to be longer when I’m home or in bed.

I have a Size Genetics Extender, a Bathmate X30 and a Stealth. While they each serve a certain purpose let me tell you If I could only have 1 based off my actual experience Stealth would be the 1 because I can comfortably use it wherever whenever.

And this should automatically tell you more about what I really think of Stealth than my entire review! The day after wearing Stealth for the first time I went online and Bought the corkscrew. By now it should be arriving any day.


Stealth for Men is Awesome

I’m new to the PE game but have learned quickly and have a nice little “collection” going. Anyway I just wanna say that stealth for men is awesome. Way better than using athletic tape or Thera bands to prevent retraction. Also the bulge is awesome! I purchased 1 and after wearing it for 2 days I just purchased another. my rating 5/5. Hope this helps anyone.

– Grizzly11

Nice, Big, Noticeable Bulge

I have had my Stealth for about a month. It is comfortable but strong. I pump and do jelqing exercises for about an hour 4 days a week and wear the Stealth on my rest days, a comfortable routine. It doesn’t take long to put on and I usually only have to adjust it once after a half hour. I get a secure feeling using it. I also get a nice big noticeable bulge that my wife likes. She now grabs my package to feel it which she has never done before in almost 50 years of marriage. It seems to help her libido as it stretches my penis. Great product. Thank you.


Just Feels Right

My innerwear just arrived. Very comfortable I must say. I like the weight of the corkscrew. I hang 15 lbs but having an ads/extender with weight; just feels right.

– capricci

It Fits Perfect

I have ordered (a Stealth for Men Innerwear) and sizing is good. It fits perfect. This thing is very comfortable. I can easily see myself wearing it to work for 10 hours after a morning stretch. Looking forward to experimenting and getting my dick to hang low! Haha.


My DONG is HUGE With This On

Nice turnaround, order to delivery took just 3 days via USPS priority mail! feels NICE & HEAVY with the weight of the corkscrew, I like the overall feel of the weight with the corkscrew  My DONG is HUGE with this on.

Well, I’m still still a noobie at the Stealth game, but after wearing mine 8 days now averaging 8 hours in the corkscrew and up to 36 hours non-stop in the Innerwear, I must say I’m impressed with how easy and comfortable BOTH devices are, whether worn together or just the Innerwear alone. I feel a consistent tug with the corkscrew that feels awesome, and the Innerwear literally fits me like a glove. Breathes well too, so no sweating or irritation either, unlike I get with silicone sleeves or the phalloson. Penis looks perfectly natural after removal of the Innerwear for showering, and I’ve noticed my TUG is decidedly lower (longer) already.

My Dong stays stretched to his full natural flaccid length, which tells me there’s enough weight to my corkscrew to cause enough stress in the smooth muscle tissues that additional length should be realized the longer I wear it. I’m ALL ABOUT PASSIVE PE, so this is the most convenient ADS I’veever used. I LOVE my new DONG TOY!


Like the Added Bulge it Gives

received my stealth and enjoying it so far. Like the added bulge it gives. So far I’m satisfied with it.


Customer Service is Awesome

Just wanted to say that my (Stealth for Men) order came in last week and I’ve been wearing it about 20-22 hours each day ever since. It is a little tricky for me to put on mostly due to having big fingers but once it’s on it is very comfortable. I put it on the first night and slept with it on and wore it throughout the next work day without any issues. Been sleeping with it on ever since and don’t even know it’s there. The Mrs does notice sometimes when I spoon up behind her and I poke her from behind, LOL!

I also wanted to add that their customer service is awesome! I ordered two sizes and one of them was incorrect. It was a simple mistake. They sent a 24 instead of a 34. I had already opened both before realizing something was wrong. I sent an email to the company that night and within a few hours they had responded and had already processed an order with the correct one and said not to worry about opening the wrong one. These guys rock!


Very Impress by the Stealth Team

very impressed by the Stealth team’s quick response and helpful customer service!!

– gregut03

Great Tool for Anti-Turtling

Great tool for anti-turtling and healing in the right state after pe-exercises. I have used it for 2-3 months. Iv done pe-exercises for about a year. The product is Antibacterial, and non smelly too. I just has to wash it once weekly, or once every 14 days. I can wear (Stealth for Men) comfortably while sleeping, while running, while biking, while lifting weights at the gym, basically in every situation, and the best thing is, it doesnt slipps at all, when you have the right size. it doesn´t shows that you wear it either, but it may look like you´v got a slightly bigger package. But hey, thats a pluss! A other good thing about the product is the price, it´s not overpriced, and the quality is good. I guess it can last a year if it´s propen taken care of, or even more. But I would buy a new one every 4th month or so, just to start with a fresh product. I recommend it do everyone, beginners and veterans.


Keeps it Elongated and Plump

“my stealth’s perfectly sized right and keeps it elongated and plump. GF doesn’t know about it and before sex i pull it off and it looks “post-workout plump” 5+ hours later.”


A Quality Stretch

“One more thing about the corkscrew… It is surprisingly “heavy”, which yields a quality stretch, IMO. Even though I haven’t worn mine but about 4 hours total so far, I DO feel a really good stretch of my inner penis & to a lesser degree my ligs, from my shaft base, somewhat similar (though not as intense) as hanging would provide. I BELIEVE that’s a good indication that you can certainly expect flaccid gains, and likely erect gains from extended wear of the corkscrew. Time of course, will tell.”


Helped Elongate my Flaccid Penis

Greetings. I am new to PE. I began two months ago with manual exercises: V-grip stretches and other stretches, kegels, and sets of jelqs. I have always experienced turtleling and my initial goals were to 1) improve my penis health EQ, 2) reduce or eliminate the turtle effect.

I saw an add for Stealth for Men and carefully followed the measuring guidelines provided. Received my Stealth with Corkscrew promptly. I began wearing the Stealth sheath to gain an understanding of how to put it on, how long to wear it, how it worked on me, and how securely it stayed in place. It took a bit of getting use to getting my glands through the ring but after a few days it was a breeze. The Stealth was comfortable and helped elongate my flaccid penis. After 4 days of extended all day wear( did not sleep with it on) I added the corkscrew device. First thing I noticed was how great it felt under my shorts. I checked my glands for discoloration every 20-30 minutes that first day to be sure all was ok. It placed a comfortable tug on my penis that felt good and made me feel good. The second day I began to slowly extend the corkscrew. By the end of the day I was amazed at the length of my flaccid penis. I was also pleased that no one seemed to notice I was wearing the Stealth. I did have to be careful that my elongated penis did not peak out from the leg of my shorts. Wow, never had that problem before. By the end of the third day wearing the Stealth with corkscrew the rim of my glands and the loose skin just before the glands was sore. I decided to give the corkscrew a break and just wear the Stealth sheath. Though my flaccid penis was had less turtleling I wanted to try and extend it as long and as gently and comfortably as possible. I placed both the neutral colored and black nylon sleeves over the sheath to see how that would work? It gave me very gentle 1.5″ additional inches of flaccid length that I could not get from the sheath alone. I can hardly tell I am wearing this other than my flaccid penis is twice as long as it normally is/was. I can comfortably pee wearing this which is huge for me as I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day. So today , the second day of rest from wearing the corkscrew, I added the rubber cock ring over the sheath and two nylon sleeves at the base of my cock after edging in the shower. So far it is comfortable, my flaccid penis is an additional 1″ longer and I can pee without removing anything. Tomorrow I hope to go back to wearing the corkscrew for 8-10 hours a day and the sheath with nylon sleeves for 24 hrs. Will try for 2 days on 1 day off for corkscrew and hope to work up to 5 on 2 off or whatever my body allows. I am very excited with the progress. It feels so good to look in the mirror and know I am finally beginning to ” measure up”. Don’t know if my gains will hold but I do know I am further along in my PE journey than when I started and I like it! Thanks to my Stealth I am feeling really great about my my progress.

– Tpgun3

Great Addition to Any Man’s PE Arsenal

“In my opinion the Stealth is a great addition to any man’s PE arsenal. As with anything PE related that I purchase, I look for a number of things. Is it comfortable, safe, easy to clean, of good quality, easy to use, and is it effective?

The Stealth is very comfortable. I wore my Stealth for approximately 20 hours straight from the first time I put it on. The fabric it is made of does not chafe the skin and if sized correctly, the silicone ring holds in place without restricting blood flow or urine when having to relieve one’s self. Once it is on I don’t even notice it is there.

The Stealth is very safe. The flexible design allows it to move in any position that is needed while walking, sitting, or whatever activity you are involved in. The silicone ring on the tip and the ring around the scrotum holds it securely and does not allow it to slip and bind when moving about.

The Stealth is very easy to clean. I usually use a mild hand soap and hand wash it in the sink and then lay the Stealth and the sleeves out on a towel to air dry. If I need it dried sooner I just throw it in the drier along with my laundry and use a medium setting.

I have found the Stealth to be of good quality. I have used it countless hours and washed it numerous times and it still looks almost new. The stitching on the sleeves and the Stealth and strong and of amazing quality aesthetically and in functionality. The fabrics used are a great balance between flexibility, durability, and support.

I have found the Stealth relatively easy to use. The instructions provided are very easy to follow. While the directions say to use three fingers through the end to grab the glans, I can only get two inside and that is due to the size of my fingers and nothing to do with any problems with the Stealth. Even with that, putting it on is pretty easy even with only two fingers.

The Stealth is effective in it’s intended purpose. Not only does it enhance the look of your package while wearing it, it also keeps your penis from turtling and helps to develop your flaccid hang. I have already noticed a difference within the first week of wearing it. I use my Stealth every day and intend to keep using it for a long time to come.

I strongly recommend the Stealth to anyone that is interested in increasing their flaccid hang. Combined with PE exercises, I feel the Stealth is an effective tool to have in your PE toolbox.

I have one more thing I wanted to mention. The customer support staff is second to none. Any issue I had was taken care of in a timely and professional manner. In this day and time it is hard to find quality products and even harder to find good customer support. The folks over at Stealth for Men have got it all!

– Looking4More

Presenting Your Best Self on a Daily Basis

Stealth is a great product for presenting your best self on a daily basis. This device is basically the male equivalent of a push up bra, but unlike a bra, stealth can actually physically enhance your anatomy, instead of merely aesthetically improving it.

Firstly, it can be worn to prevent turtling either after penis enlargement workouts or simply to prevent retraction on a cold day. Consistent wearing causes your penis to get used to a longer flaccid hang, regardless of outside conditions.

Secondly, it can be used with the corkscrew add-on to actually allow the penis to extend in a passive state. The corkscrew is most effective while standing, causing the greatest pull on the ligaments. Consequently, if you are using it while sitting, you will likely have to sit on the very edge of the chair to feel a similar stretch. Also, I find urination with the corkscrew to be somewhat difficult. You will likely have to take off the device when going to the bathroom, but that is a simple process.

Although I think the device is overwhelmingly great, there are a few drawbacks. The angle that your penis will hang while using the device is not exactly the same as you would be in your flaccid state. Although, your anatomy will be extended, it may verge on the side of appearing like you have a semi-erection. Also, depending on the fabric of your pants, the silicone ridge may produce an unnatural noticeable ring around the head of your penis. This may be anatomically correct in the location, but it may seem like you are walking around with slight arousal.

To combat this, the user might want to experiment with using different underwear. Depending on your daily situation, you might want to consider how much you want to flaunt the device. On a date, you might want to wear boxers, but during work or a family event, boxer briefs, or even briefs might reduce this angle of hang and prevent the “ridge” of the silicon from showing.

All in all, it’s a great product that I would highly recommend for those trying to be the best version of themselves.


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