Stretching, Extending and Penile Anatomy – Ask the Experts

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male enhancement coach big alBig Al, of, answers questions about stretching, extending and the penile anatomy, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’ve been doing some reading about hard gainers and a lot of them complain about a steel cord preventing them from making gains…

…I have a steel cord. Can I still make gains, and if so then how do I train to get them?

Big Al: Many complain about a “steel cord” atop the penis but this is actually known as a part of the penile anatomy known as the septum. It’s a typical part of the male anatomy and any healthy, intact human penis has one. Unless you have another penis you can compare yours to then assessing whether or not your septum is any more resistant to training is futile.

If you want to ensure you get the most out of your length training then do your best to focus on the feel of the stretches as you perform them. You should initially feel a stretch in the ligaments at the base of the penis. As the stretch progresses, the shaft itself should be felt to elongate.

Your post-session state should have your penis appearing elongated and only mildly tired- at most.

Q. I notice in a lot of your advice you don’t make mention of keeping the penis stretched out in an extended state so it can heal longer

…Why is that? Don’t you believe in doing this to make the penis longer?

Big Al: It’s been my experience that recommending additional activity like applying an extender or ADS to an already challenging routine usually causes overtraining. That being said, a properly structured routine can benefit from applying an extender or ADS after stretches- as can be seen in where the “pre-exhaust” method is recommended.

Testing this method out before prolonged application is a must!


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