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Step-by-step instructions and videos of the A-stretch.

Assisted A-Stretch

Using a cylinder as a lever, learn how you can modify the A-Stretch for your penis enlargement routine.

Bundled Stretch

This article explains the basics of the bundled stretch and its many functions, for penis enlargement.

Bundled Stretch Video Instructions

Step-by-step video instructions for the bundled stretch.

Erect Stretch

The Erect Stretch works by stretching the erect tissues of the penis. These should only be used by those who have been exercising their penis for at least six months.

Internal Stretch

Learn all about how the internal stretch stretches your inner penis.

JAI Stretch

The JAI Stretch is great beginning penis enlargement stretch to add to your penis stretch routine.

JAI Stretch Video

Following are step-by-step video instructions for the JAI Stretch.

Leg Tuck Pull

Video of the stretching exercise Leg Tuck Pull.

Penis Stretch Video

Step-by-step video for the penis stretch.

Penis Stretching

Stretching is an important part of any exercise routine, including penis exercises. Learn more about penis stretching.

Rotating Stretch

Step-by-step instructions and videos for the rotating stretch.

Ruler Stretch Video

Following is step-by-step video instructions for the Ruler Stretch.

Side-to-Side Stretch

Learn how to do the side-to-side stretch with these video step-by-step instructions.

Slow Crank Video Instructions

Discover how to perform the Slow Crank with these video instructions.


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