Tattoos of Penises: TGIF!

penis tattoo clipartHappy Friday, everyone!!

OK, we have a selection of tattooed penises on our page…

The Penis: The Definitive Guide to Man’s Most Prized Organ

However, it’s come to my attention that we don’t have an article showing tattoos OF penises! Well, let’s rectify that right now!


Penis Tattoo #1:

OK, this first one kind of looks like maybe they were trying to cover another tattoo. I wonder what could’ve been worse?

penis tattoo 7

Penis Tattoo #2:

This one is kind of cool, because at first people would just think it’s a shark. But, then on closer inspection… plus, the “Out for blood” saying, means the fun’s not done, even during his partner’s “shark week.”

penis tattoo 5

Penis Tattoo #3:

A butterfly made of penises. There are even some little penis flowers. This is one of those tattoos where I’d really love to hear the inspiration!

penis tattoo 6

Penis Tattoo #4:

It’s the cheek piercing that really makes this one life-like!

penis tattoo 4

Penis Tattoo #5:

I think this guy needs PEGym.

penis tattoo 3

Penis Tattoo #6:

YOLO… I think this is a tattoo my life would be complete without, to be honest. But, I kind of want this as a font!

penis tattoo 2

Penis Tattoo #7:

We’re going to hope this is a good luck symbol. Although, with flames shooting out your penis tattoos, right on your stomach, it might be an STD warning for potential lovers.

penis tattoo

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