The TGC Theory, Why Some Men Respond Better than Others to PE & More: Ask the Experts

TGC penis enlargement theory

TGC penis enlargement theoryBig Al, of, answers questions about the TGC theory, why some men respond better than others to PE, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I just finished reading about the TGC theory and it explained why I’m not gaining….

… For a while now I’ve noticed my EQ is pretty high (9-10 almost all the time) and maybe I’m focusing too much on hardness/girth (smooth muscle) vs length (tunica). I’m thinking switching my routine to 80/20 (80% being length) plus using my Phallosan.  What do you think?

Big Al: While it’s admirable to apply hard science to PE, the smooth muscle is mostly a passive agent in the penis size when compared to the limitations of the tunica.

The smooth muscle really comes into play during the nitric oxide cycle of obtaining erections- where these muscles are allowed to relax and expand (unlike most skeletal muscle these particular muscles are contracted in their resting state)- which causes erections.  In that case,and going by that theory, maximizing the hardness aspect of EQ will give your smooth muscles the best chance for growth.

It should be noted that the tunica has anywhere between 1-3 layers, and these consist of sheaths with longitudinal or latitudinal bands.  The sheaths longitudinal bands would be resposible for limitations on length of the shaft (while stretching the suspensory ligament contributes mostly to length by releasing more of the “inner penis”),and the sheaths with latitudinal bands would place limitations on girth.

Q. I just did another routine and felt good condition-wise….

…I feel that I’ve become more sensitive to stimulation from the month off. From your experience working with others and being in the industry for so long – have you concluded why some respond well and others ultimately don’t at all – I fear I am one of those with a grim future in penis enlargement.

Big Al:  In my opinion, when a trainee is consistent with their training and fails to yield results and they don’t appear to overtrain, then other factors need to be looked into.  EQ is a huge factor for some men- it must me maximized if one wishes to see gains.  Mental attitude is also another factor.  If one approaches their training with the sense that it’s a form of drudgery then that will, over time, cause a negative conditioning effect.

Is your premature ejaculation something that you experience only during sexual encounters or do you experience it during training as well? You’ve resumed a new training cycle so let’s see if we can apply any of the solutions to the above for making it a productive one.

Q. I am timing my sessions.  The first session, I did 375 jelqs in 15 minutes,…

... since then I have slowed my temp down a little and have done 310 and 315 reps in 15 mins for my 2nd and 3rd workouts respectively. Why is it important that I time myself?  Does tempo make that much of a difference?

Big Al: Tempo can make a huge difference in specific results.  Part of the reason you time yourself is to develop efficiency.  An example- if you jelq one day and get 300 reps in 15 minutes AND you’re taking lots of breaks, and the next session you get 310 reps in 12 minutes with NO breaks, you’ll note that the latter session is much more efficient and intense (the formula for intensity = work/time).  You want the general trend of your training to proceed towards more efficiency and intensity.

Q. After I did (the A-stretch) a red circle appeared on my penis…

… anyone knows how I make it disappear?

Big Al: That would depend on the severity of the ring and if it’s accompanied by swelling or blistering.  If the discoloration is mild, then heat and localized massage can help.  If it’s slightly more pervasive, then supplements like topical Arnica and “Butcher’s Broom” can help to alleviate it. Severe discoloration might be a sign of injury- in which case, medical attention should be sought.


Kimberly Wylie

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