The Male G-Spot

This article explains a unique and widely unknown male erogenous zone known as the “Male G-spot”, its anatomical location, and how to make it a source of pleasure for help with masturbation, edging, and ballooning principles.

The Male G-Spot?

Yes, there is one!

My goal is to share the sexual health information. That said, pull up a comfy chair, relax, and enjoy the information.

Where is it?

It is that spot that is located on the other side of the rectum wall near the prostate, below the bladder. It is accessible through the rectum, and also externally through on the underside of the pubic area between the testicles and rectum.

How is it Stimulated?

First off, this can be done by yourself, or by a knowledgeable partner. Your G spot does not know or care about the sex of the other person, nor what specifically the object causing the stimulation is.

If a man is lying on his back, with the other person between his legs, a finger is inserted palm side up, and the similar to a “come here” finger movement is made, motioning towards his penis, they will feel a chestnut sized mound – the male G spot.

The male G spot feels like a firm bulge about the size of a walnut. This is where a Doctor would examine a mans Prostate gland. You may recall, the Latex glove, a squirt of cold gel lubricant, and your doctor begins, “digit insertion”, and usually is carrying on with some perfectly innocent conversation that means nothing.

What Now?

Guys, you would be best to locate your G spot by yourself, experiment and explore first. This way you can advise your partner as to where it is, and what to do with it and for last longer sex. Massage may be circular with a slight pressure. What feels best to you will have to be discovered by experimentation.

Hygiene is important. A latex glove may be used. Not having long fingernails, or nails with sharp edges should also be a consideration. There are devices sold specifically for stimulative activity.

Remember also, if you are accustomed to the location of their Male G-spot, it’s also possible to access it by pressing up under the pubic region between the testicles and the rectum.

The Reward, Possibilities

Quoted from the site:

“With practice utilizing anal kegel exercises, you can achieve a hands-free prostate massage like no other, ultimately achieving male orgasms like you've never experienced before or, You may need to use physical stimulation.”

From Wikipedia:

“It is also possible that strengthening the pelvic floor may allow some men to achieve a form of orgasm without allowing ejaculation, and thereby perhaps reach multiple “climaxes” during sexual activity for better sex”

Some men are able to ejaculate while their prostate glands are massaged, without even stimulating their penises. (This can be a moment that can be almost mind altering). Finding out what method works best for any individual, is the normal.

Also, many men are eventually able to learn a technique known as “Multiple Male Orgasms” or “MMOs”. This is where a man can have an orgasm without ejaculation, and then repeat the process multiple times before eventual (or not) ejaculation. The Male G-spot can be very useful in assisting in achieving this effect.

Curious for more? That’s good, because there is a vast cornucopia of information out there for consumption by even the most casual observer. Also, the Male G-spot might prove very useful in the future for newer, more effective means for edging longer and harder. Same may hold true with ballooning.

A recommended first read is Prostate Massage and Health

Search terms as “male g spot”, “prostate stimulation”, “prostate orgasm” will help you begin. Google away, to Infinity and Beyond!

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  1. Great description of the territory , Dang man !
    I can think of many ways to play here .

  2. Excellent Article Dangler!!! The guys are right, this is a hard topic to cover, but very important for men to know about. I hope that you may cover other aspects and similar topics in your future articles!!!

  3. Dangler: As always, an amazing article. This is what we’re striving for here on The PE Gym – unique, new content that is how-to and makes us think. To prostate massaging!

  4. Great article Dangler. This some how made me more open to the idea of prostate stimulation, so I will not completely dismiss the thought in a couple of years.


  5. Great, great, great article. Thank you very much. I think that the un-awareness of most men of their G-spot (mostly due to the fact that inserting anything in a man’s anus is considered gay, no matter if it’s a beautiful woman, which is doing that) is among the biggest limits of nowadays male sexuality. Thanks for helping others to discover it!

    My only little suggestion is about the quote from the aneros website. Reading the quote like that, if one doesn’t know that the aneros is a device designed to stimulate that spot, one could really thing that he could achieve an orgasm hands-free just by kegeling. I know what the aneros is, but thinking that the quote was about the spot itself and not the device, at first I stated WOW!

    Thank so much, best regards