The Melty Man: The Archenemy of Trouser Confidence

One of my favorite television shows of all times is Coupling.

The BBC, original version, not the horrible one-shot American copycat.

Anyway, when answering one of Ujjayi’s Questions of the Day about laughter, I immediately recalled the scene explaining what the Giggle Loop is – the horrible inability to not stop yourself from laughing, in a totally inappropriate setting. While trying to find this clip, to share, online I came across this one… The Terror of the Melty Man

“You’re in bed and suddenly you find yourself thinking… maybe she’s really bored.”

“Or maybe you’re licking her neck too much. Are you overwetting her neck?”

“Are you spending an equal amount of time on each breast?”

Oh, yes, this is when the Melty Man appears!

Although this clip is hilarious, it actually puts a point on a very real problem – the fact that sometimes erectile dysfunction isn’t physical at all — it’s all in your head!

Instead of worrying about these silly things, talk to your partner. More importantly, LISTEN to your partner – in and out of the bedroom.

Most importantly – don’t stress yourself out. Get out of your own head (which is where the Melty Man lives). Focus on your partner. The feel of their skin. The sound of their breathing. The smell of their body. Focus on giving them pleasure, don’t even think about your own erection, and you’ll find it much easier to keep the Melty Man at bay.

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