The Mental Aspect of Sex & Coffee and Erections: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers a question about the mental aspect of sex & coffee and erections, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  I’ve read up on a lot of your stuff over the years and your mind-related posts…

…are the ones which interest me the most!  I feel like I’m weak minded when it comes to sex.  I can get it up but it’s hard for me to enjoy it fully because I’m always worried about my performance.  When I get a chance to have sex with a really attractive women is when it’s worst for me!  I wish I could go back to the days where sex was done like on instinct the way animals do it.  That way us men wouldn’t have to deal with all of this pressure!

Big Al: The human mind has a very large range.  On the low end of the emotional spectrum we can wallow in fear and self-loathing.  As we rise through the emotional spectrum we ascend through the emotions of courage, reason, and peace/proficiency.  The path to the higher emotional states comes through utilizing your mind and by mastering yourself.  You alluded to performing at the level of animality.  As a man, you can develop yourself to go far above what you’ve be able to do without proper training and conditioning.  If you automatically see yourself as weak and leave yourself to the mercy of your lower mind, it’ll be difficult for you to improve your situation.  Focus on developing your courage and make the attempt at being objective about your performance and you’ll be able to condition yourself through training and by confidently undertaking real life experiences.

Q. What effect does coffee have on erections?…

…  I find when I drink a large coffee I get jittery and tend to turtle pretty hard.

Big Al: Your reaction would depend on your tolerance to caffeine.

Small doses of caffeine may actually have a beneficial effect on erections. When excess is consumed and side effects like jitteriness is observed, vasoconstriction is induced.  This can have a negative effect on erections.

The following article (with references) may be of interest to you: “Drinking Coffee Could Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction”

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