The Psychological Benefits of Having a Large Penis

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penis enlargement bigger penis confidencePEGym is about complete improvement of male sexual health and male enhancement. We address concerns about:

However, the largest percentage of men come to PEGym looking for one thing…

A larger dick.

Now, I’ve said it numerous times on the forums – a larger dick doesn’t automatically make you a phenomenal lover. However, it can make certain sexual positions easier to get into. But, the most important reason any man should pursue penis enlargement is for themselves. To feel good about being in their own skin.

And, along that line, the psychological benefits of having a larger penis are often more important than the physical benefits.

penis size equals confidenceWhen you feel good about how you look, you present a more confident persona to the world. It’s the reason why the beauty and fashion industries are two of the largest industries in the world. We like to look our best. And, although most of us don’t walk around naked all day, how we look under our clothes does affect our self-image.

This increased confidence is very attractive – to both men and women.

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People like being around someone who is confident. It’s, in fact, one of the most desired traits in a man, from a potential mate.

But, in addition to the sexual attraction confidence creates, this extends to non-romantic relationships – including your professional relationships.

Job hunters who give off a confident air are more likely to get the job offer. Employees who exude confidence are more likely to make more money and get advancement opportunities.

Why is this? Because humans like confident people!

Think about it. If two men walk into the room. One has his head up, is smiling, shoulders back and the other won’t look you in the eye, head down and is stoop-shouldered, which guy are you most likely going to want to talk to first?

You know nothing else about these men. They could even be dressed completely alike – be identical twins even – but their demeanor, their level of confidence makes one naturally more attractive than the other.

When you feel good about yourself, this includes the physical aspects of yourself, including penis size, you’re going to feel more confident.



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