DIY Velcro Strap Innovation for Penis Extenders

DIY velcro strap innovation for penis extenders

This article explains how to make a strap out of Velcro for your penis extender which will be able to hold more tension than the factory rubber ones that come with a strap design penis extender.

DIY velcro strap innovation for penis extenders

Why Velcro?

I noticed when I first began to use my penis extender that I was unable to maintain a head-swell. I also noticed that sometimes I couldn’t even get my rubber straps tight enough to even get a head-swell. This is when I realized I was going to have to take matters into my own hands and be a little innovative.

I had some other friends that used extenders and had mentioned that Velcro was useful, but that was about all the instruction I got. I did some thinking and then I set out to the store to get some Velcro, the kind with adhesive on one side. This can be confusing because it is very easy to get mixed up and get the Velcro that requires sewing. Make sure to get the stuff with adhesive on one side. Then I developed my way of creating Velcro straps.

Making the Velcro Fastener Side-Straps

First, take some of the soft-sided Velcro and cut off 2 strips, each being about two inches long. Now, take the adhesive covering off and stick each strip on both sides of the glans cradle. Each strap should wrap around the edges of the cradle where the rods are inserted, and should wrap from the top side to the underside of these edges of the glans cradle.

Next cut yourself a 6-inch strip of both soft & rough sided Velcro and stick them together so that you have a dual sided strap, meaning that you will take the strips, remove the adhesive from each strip and then stick the adhesive sides together. The soft side will obviously be the side that will face down towards your penis. Next, take a piece of gauze and wrap it around several times in the middle of your new Velcro strap. This extra gauze or cloth will stick to the rough sided Velcro. This will keep your penis from being touched by the rough-sided Velcro in any way.

Helpful Photos for Guidance

The first photo is photo #1 and represents the whole apparatus like it would be if it was on, almost. I left one side unattached so you could better see the strap. At this point you should be thinking “Ok, looks like the ones my penis extender came with”, are you with me?

In photo #2, you can see my extender’s “cradle” part where the actual penis head goes. Notice the sides. This is where on each side I have used a strip of the soft-sided Velcro (make sure to get the Velcro with ADHESIVE ON ONE SIDE!.

I was skeptical about this at first because I thought the tension would cause this to come right off, but I have had it this way for almost 2 years, and have not even had to replace the Velcro due to the adhesive “losing it’s sticky”, much less due to wear and tear on the soft-sided Velcro.

Also note that the soft-sided strips attached to the actual penile extender as shown look the exact same on the underside of the cradle, meaning that these side strips do not just go on the top and stop there, they “wrap around” to the underside of the glans-cradle as well.

Last, photo #3 is a good view of the actual strap too, and I kept the strap as it would be when in the extender, so that it can been seen in a utilized position. Here you can see that its SIMPLE. All you have to do is take a rough-sided strip and a soft-sided strip about 6-7″ long (my Velcro strap is 6.5″) and simply STICK THE ADHESIVE SIDES TOGETHER! VOILA!!

Now You can “Strap-In”!

You now have your strap, and what it will attach to already on your penile extender if you followed these basic instructions. Also, again remember that even though the soft sided Velcro will be facing your your penis when its on, the rough side might be able to touch any protruding shaft skin. This is why I mentioned earlier how I go ahead and wrap some extra gauze around the center of my new strap, as to add more comfort.

I also wrap my penis about 2 revolutions with gauze from my glans to halfway down the shaft for added comfort. I think this helps me get a perfect head swell too, but don’t overdo it.

Follow this link Head Swell Revealed, Velcro Strap Pics and you can see some pictures that might give you a better idea of what I did to make my strap, but it is really pretty easy, and who knows, you may even come up with a better design while making yours! IF YOU DO I would sure appreciate for you to post some pics and give a little write-up about it!

Let me know if I can be of any help, anytime.


  1. I really would like to see the pictures, but like the previouse two posters mentioned there are no photos.

    So where are the pics?

  2. This is an excellent article Calixto. Most manufacturers want $95.00 USD to add a head strap to an extender. You just showed me how to do it for less than $10.00 and your way is superior! Thank you.

    • We all are wondering about the photos. Can SOMEONE who gets it… post some please.

      I have an extender but man is it uncomfortable to wear.. HOPING velcro idea helps!

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