Is There Such a Thing as “Too Big” in Penis Enlargement?

Bily-Tom erect

Moderation in all things — including moderation.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Is it possible to be too big, when it comes to penis enlargement?


These are some of the more philosophical questions, when it comes to penis enlargement, and I’d love to hear what you guys think! Please continuing reading and then post your comments and thoughts below. Remember, as always, be respectful of others’ opinions, even if you disagree with them.

The Case of Billy-Tom Who Wanted to Be Larger

Billy-Tom Before and AfterMeet Billy-Tom O’Conner. Naturally well-endowed at 10 inches, and having done porn, Billy-Tom wasn’t happy with his size. Yup, you read that right — at 10 inches, he wasn’t happy with his penis size. He wanted a “monster!”

And, a monster he sure did get. Billy-Tom opted for girth enhancement surgery, involving injecting fat liposuctioned from one part of his body being injected into his penis. The results, as you can see in the before and after picture, are definitely noticeable.

Bily-Tom erectWhen erect, Billy-Tom is approximately the size of a can of hairspray. As a woman, I have to say, that’s a bit intimidating, and apparently I’m not alone. According to Billy-Tom, “On two occasions I have got to the point where they’ve seen it and they’ve refused me…they just point blank said they’re not willing to go any further with that. But most other girls absolutely loved it.”

Hypocritical? Kimberly’s Thoughts

As a woman, I would never fault another woman for wanting her breasts enlarged, reduced, lifted, etc. Even if I thought her breasts were perfect the way they were, who am I to judge? I wear makeup, shave my legs, color my hair, and dozens of other things to make myself (in my eyes) look better. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical of me to judge a man for making physical alterations he felt would make him look better?

More than Just Enlargement

As we know, PEGym is about so much more than penis enlargement! We’re about improving the sexual health of men. Yes, this does sometimes include penis enlargement, but we go far beyond that. Stamina, hardness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, prostate health, and so much more are part of what PEGym is about. Plus, we know that when you feel good about yourself physically, this relates to improved confidence both in and out of the bedroom, which can positively impact all aspects of your life.

What do you readers think? I’d love to hear from both men and women on this. Is there such a thing as too big?

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