Top 5 Penis Exercises You Can Do Today

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Top 5 Penis Exercises

Although there are several, high-quality devices out there that can help you reach your goals quicker and easier than manual exercises alone (check out our Products section for the best equipment), you can get started exercising your penis today — no special equipment required. Below are our top 5 penis exercises:

  1. Jelqing – Jelqing is a basic component of every penis exercise routine. Using a milking-type motion, jelqs can give you a larger and harder penis. Learn more about jelqing and how to jelq in our article: What is Jelqing? 
  2. Kegels – Kegels aren’t just for women. These great exercises can literally be done anywhere. Kegels can give you harder erections, help you become multi-orgasmic, and more. Learn about Kegels for men, in our article: How to do Kegel Exercises for Men. 
  3. Basic Penis Stretch – Penis stretching is likely one of the oldest forms of penis enlargement exercises. Learn more about penis stretching, including a helpful video to help you actually see how to properly perform a basic stretch, in our article: Penis Stretching. 
  4. Flaccid Bend – The Flaccid Bend is the best squeezing exercise for men to start with. Learn how to properly do the Flaccid Bend, in our article: Flaccid Bend. 
  5. Rotating Stretch – This variation on the Basic Penis Stretch targets an even greater range of penile tissue. Learn more and watch the instructional video, in our article: Rotating Stretch.

 Check out our Penis Exercise Video Guide, for more instructional videos!

Do you have a favorite manual penis exercise not on this list? Tell us about it in the Comments section below!

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