Top 5 Tips to Stay Motivated with Penis Exercises

how to stay motivated penis exercises

how to stay motivated penis exercisesThe reality is this — if you don’t do your penis exercises routine regularly, you’re not going to see results. Couple this with the fact that penis exercises aren’t magic. You can’t just do them for a week and VOILA! a huge penis! Check out this forum thread –

How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

You’ll see that that first 1/2-inch in increased penis length took members between 1 and 6 months, with most seeing it in the first 3 months.

This means, you’re going to have to stay motivated! Check out our top 5 tips on how to stay motivated with your penis exercise routine.

  1. Change Your Thinking – Everything physical is affected by your mental state. Don’t focus on the negative, instead think about the positive. What do I mean by that? It’s your self-talk! Instead of, “My penis is so small! I’m never going to be happy!” Think, “I’ve got a plan to get my penis to the size that will make me happy! I’m going to work that plan and see results!” If you catch yourself thinking bad thoughts about yourself, immediately mentally list 5 things you like about yourself – even if they have nothing to do with your sexual health. Things like, “I’m smart.” “I’m a hard-worker.” “I’m a loyal friend.” “I’m kind.” “I’m funny.” “I have great hair.” Whatever it is – and I know you, if you try, can come up with way more than 5!! 🙂
  2. Set a Goal – Make this goal quantitative… AKA put a number on it! You don’t plan a road trip and just start driving, not sure where you want to end up, right? Whether it’s, “I want to gain an inch in length.” or “I want to be able to increase my sexual stamina to 30 minutes.” this will give you a solid target to aim for.
  3. Put Penis Exercises in Your Schedule – If you just wait for a time in your day when you can fit penis exercises in, chances are other personal and professional responsibilities are going to get in your way. Before you know it, it’s bedtime and you’ve missed a day of your work out. So, MAKE time for PE and stick to that schedule, as if it were a doctor’s appointment or something you can’t easily change.
  4. Talk to People Who are Doing Penis Exercises Too – This is why PEGym’s forum is so awesome! We know chances are you aren’t going to tell your friends, “Hey! I just started a new workout routine to make my penis bigger!” But, guess what? You CAN do it on our forums – completely anonymously! On days when you’re needing some extra encouragement, POST! We have over 100,000 members, so there’s sure to be someone there (likely LOTS of someones 😀 ) who’ll give you that extra nudge!  Plus, you can motivate others too, which will help keep you motivated!
  5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help –  Again the PEGym Forums are full of a wealth of knowledge. We have had so many success stories over the last decade+! But, many of those successes started off with questions and needing help. Just like there are right and wrong ways to do traditional exercises, penis exercises have right ways to do them as well! Ask questions! The more you learn, the more effective your workouts will be, and the more motivated you’ll be when you see the results! You can even get expert one-on-one help, with meCoach!


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