Top 9 Reasons Why We Want a Bigger Dick

Many men wonder if they need a bigger dick.

A study published in the British Journal of Urology International found that 85% of women are satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner’s penis. However, 45% of men are convinced that they have a small penis. After doing some research online, I’ve put together a list of nine main reasons why men turn to PE for a bigger dick.

  1. Improving overall penile health, increasing sexual sensation and arousal, and as a cure for erectile dysfunctions, is the number one reason we work for a bigger dick. “Well, at age 36 I got ED. It lasted ’til I was 41 […] I can get a full 100% erection now!” declared a veteran of the PE Gym. It’s a fact practicing penis enlargement not only gives you a bigger dick, but also improves blood flow to the penis. Better blood flow means better overall functioning.
  2. Boosting self confidence is another popular reason for wanting a bigger dick . For many men, having a bigger dick means “being able to really perform sexually and have stamina adds a lot of confidence, especially when out in the dating scene.” More often than not, a man with a small penis will deviate from sex talk or any concerns regarding the use of the penis. A man’s ego is totally washed up once others start to realize that his penis will never be used effectively.
  3. Not setting the right standards for “average” is also a popular reason for striving for a bigger dick. “Striking to me is the standard size of dildos and vibrators… hmmm, why do you suppose they market dildos at a certain size? I started thinking that it is because that is about the size that most women would have fun playing with.” Size standards also comes from watching porn. Male porn actors are usually very endowed, both in size and in girth. Of course, it’s best not to compare your penis with dildos and vibrators. They’re made to look big, bulky and visually arousing. That’s why it’s best to research and educate yourself. Similarly, I see nothing wrong with watching porn, but you should know many men engage in the solitude of watching pornography because they are extremely anxious about sexual performance. We all know anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunctions.
  4. Wanting a bigger dick is also related to a desire to a desire to change our body. “I like to improve myself, my body, and who I am”, a fellow PE Gym member stated. Personally, after starting bodybuilding and proving to myself that I can indeed, change my body and letting go of all my prejudices regarding genetics, I was more disciplined in my PE routines. I’m sure the need to build muscles is triggered by the same mechanism which dictates a sexual improvement with a bigger dick, so you can see how the two are related. Everyone wants to change for the better.
  5. Social prejudice and who has a bigger dick motivates a lot of men to seek out PE. One rumor everybody’s heard is that Asian have small penises, although there is no scientific study to back it up. Can you imagine what impact that has on emerging Asian teens?
  6. Women find a bigger dick visually stimulating, even if an insanely large penis will create a great deal of a discomfort for a woman. This brings a certain memory to my mind. Once in the supermarket, I noticed a couple of teenage girls giggling at something in the menswear aisle. As soon as they noticed me, they put something back on the shelf and quickly disappeared. As I approached I noticed it was mens underwear. Obviously they were checking out the model’s package.
  7. Pleasuring women… more!… is another motivator behind wanting a bigger dick. “I’ve been married for 2 1/2 years now, and we both love each other very much, but the sex life is in the tank,” stated another member of the forums, who successfully spiced up his sex life by practicing PE.
  8. Some men who want a bigger dick suffer from real medical conditions such as micropenis or hypogonadism or simply having a small penis. Yes, nature is characterized by abundance. Genes mix in various ways, and you might end up with a small penis. It’s funny though how misinformation can lead people to think they have a medical condition when they really have an average penis. I became worried after I saw an 11-year old asking if he had micropenis, because his penis was under 3 inches. It shows how taboo the subject of penis size still is.
  9. Lastly, curiosity is often why men seek out PE and a bigger dick. One post read, “So I’m doing PE as sort of an experiment. If it helps my erections, I will keep doing it.” Another noted, “It all actually started purely out of a whim, a natural curiosity after seeing the movie Boogie Nights”.

A bigger dick often means increased sexual confidence.

Why get some new sex toys when you can get a bigger dick? Great sex means great reproductive capacity and that feeling is instinctively satisfying for any man.

Inform yourself properly though! Then educate the ones around you. If you have kids, start with them. Find the source of insecurities about wanting a bigger dick and systematically deal with them.


4 thoughts on “Top 9 Reasons Why We Want a Bigger Dick

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  2. If most men have what is an averaged size unit & 85% of women claim they’re happy with it, I personally think they’re lying. They may be happy with the man you are ie; the loving husband, great father, good provider etc. But deep down they yearn for that big dick. Go on a site like adultfriendfinder where the women tell the truth In their profiles about what they want, they all want a man with a big dick.

    • The question that really matters is not “r u happy with your husband?” then of course their answer will be they are happy with his man’s average sized penis.
      Now, ask the right question. Would you be more happy if your husband had a bigger penis? Then it will be a 99% YES! Leaving that 1% for those married with a big dick guy.
      That statement that size doesnt matter is just to make men with average and small size penis less unhappy and/or less insecure.
      But at the end of the day, if you are huge, chances are than even happily married women will want a taste of your dick, and your wife will proudly talk about you and how gratefull she is that you have a big dick. PERIOD. The rest is all bs.

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