Training on the Sly: Ways to Keep Penis Enlargement Training Secret When You Don’t Live Alone

penis exercises training

penis exercises trainingLet’s face it, chances are you aren’t going to share the fact that you’ve started a penis enlargement routine on your Facebook status. Any sort of male enhancement is usually very personal for men. In fact, it’s not uncommon for guys to not even tell their sexual partners, let alone a roommate.

So, how can you keep your training on the down low, when you don’t live alone?

Here are some great tips, from PEGym members, to help keep your penis enlargement training a secret.

  1. Split Up Your Routine – Big Al, of, notes you can split up your routine, so as not to look like you’re spending an abnormally long time in the bathroom. Instead of one, long 30-minute training session, try breaking it into two 15-minute long sessions. biggerjones even suggests showering twice a day.
  2. Get Up Early – Get up a little early, to get your enlargement workout in before anyone else gets up. Conversely, staying up late can also be an option to get some privacy once everyone else goes to bed.
  3. Use an Extender – Reallyshortblackguy notes this is why he loves his extender. Penis extenders can be worn discreetly, so others don’t even know you’re getting that stretching in!
  4. Use the Bathmate – The Bathmate bathpump is especially good if you’re lacking privacy. You simply pump up the Bathmate then go about your normal showering or bathing routine!
  5. Share Your Journey – Although jockinthebox kiddingly suggests inviting others to participate, sharing your journey isn’t necessarily a bad idea. If the other person in your household is a sexual partner, having an open and honest conversation about your penis enlargement goals and the routine you’ve chosen to help reach those goals can actually help you, in the long run. Your partner can give you support and help keep you accountable. It may not be a comfortable conversation to have, but if it means you have more freedom to exercise when you want, without the worry of having to hide your activities.




  1. I pump for 20 minutes in the bathroom in the morning and again at night while preparing to go to bed. Once in bed, I can do about thirty minutes of jelqing and stretching under the covers next to my sleeping wife.

    I can also get in a few hours of extending at night while watching tv.

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