Tunica Hanging and More on Penis Hanging Angles

tunica and hanging angles

This penis hanging guide section covers more in-depth discussions regarding the use of various angles when hanging. This is especially pertinent information when shifting the focus of your hanging from the suspensory ligaments to the tunica, which is considered the main limiting factor with penis enlargement gains.

Tunica Hanging and More on Penis Hanging AnglesSUSPENSORY LIGAMENT MAINTENANCE

If you did not naturally start with your penis exiting your pelvis at 6’ Oclock, you will need to do some maintenance work until you ‘cement your gains’. This means, you will need to practice some of your penis hanging at least a few sets per week at a lower angle: straight down (SD) or between the cheeks (BTC) to maintain your ligament stretch gains.

If your suspensory ligaments tighten, pulling your package upward to a higher angle (e.g. 6.5 O’clock or 7 O’clock), you will need to go back to hanging BTC or SD again (at least part time) until this is corrected.

Eventually your penis will stay at this downward angle and your suspensory ligament stretch gains will be ‘cemented’. No one can really tell you how long this maintenance will take since it depends on your physiology and how long it took you to reach 6’Oclock as well.

Once you’ve maximized your suspensory ligament stretch gains, you’re ready to start targeting the penis tunica.


The tunica is probably the toughest single structure in our penis. Through your hanging career, the tunica will slowly toughen and become thicker. As you stretch the tunica and permanently elongate it, elasticity will slowly be lost and making permanent tunica hanging gains will slowly become more difficult. Bib (aka Bigger), an expert on hanging recommends the RSDT fulcrum for tunica hanging deformation process.

TUNICA HANGING: Straight Out, Straight Up, Over the Shoulder

If you’ve just started hanging and your penis exits your pelvis at 6 O’clock (straight down), you might not benefit from SD or BTC angles as much as others. However, you should still focus on tunica hanging via  BTC for at least a month to make sure your suspensory ligaments are fully stretched.

Once you have confirmed you have no more potential ligament stretch gains, you can move to OTS (over the shoulder) or SU (straight up). These are probably the two best angles for someone starting out with their penis naturally exiting the body at 6 O’clock. To hang OTS use a plastic milk jug to protect your shoulder (otherwise the rope or nylon strap from your penis hanger will eventually dig in and start to hurt).

If you’re using an OTS angle for tunica hanging, alternate shoulders with each set. If you’re doing an odd number of OTS sets, finish off with an hanging angle in the middle such as straight up (SU). Once you’ve had at least six months of penis hanging experience, and your penis exits your body at 6 O’clock (straight down) you will be ready for advanced Tunica work, including fulcrums such as the RSDT.


The RSDT (Rice Sock Duct Tape) Fulcrum is an excellent way to create tunica creep, micro-tears and eventually permanent deformation. By the time you’ve maximized your suspensory ligament stretch gains, you may have one year or more of hanging experience under your belt. The tissues of your tunica will be toughened and no longer easy to deform. The RSDT is an excellent fulcrum for breaking through plateaus and creating fatigue all along the entire penile shaft.

Effectively the RSDT is a rounded surface (like a small mound) with channels on the sides that help your penis shaft lay straight. Bib, an expert on hanging wrote an article, complete with pictures on how to create an RSDT here: How to Build the RSDT

The RSDT is a very intense fulcrum that will create fatigue all along your shaft. At the start, you will only be able to hang a fraction of your normal weight using this device. However, you’ll reach excellent levels of fatigue quickly, and reports suggest penis length gains with this exercise are exceptional.


If you have Peyronie’s disease, a fulcrum is an excellent way to permanently break up the scar tissue and curving, restoring your natural penis. Dr. Howard did this successfully with hanging after he found a penis extender was not capable of correcting his condition. Read this article and follow the link to Dr. Howard’s blog to learn more on this: How Dr. Howard Cured Peyronies via Fulcrums


With a myriad of tunica hanging angles to choose from and fulcrums like the RSDT, you can break through any plateau and reach your tunica hanging length gains. Knowing which angle of attack (or fulcrum) to use is critical in achieving your penis length goals with tunica hanging. However, penis enlargement through hanging routine is sometimes more art than science.

Having a good routine and using the right angles is not quite enough, you must also fatigue your penile tissues to make gains. Reaching fatigue is a critical part of hanging in general and especially so for penis tunica hanging gains. What is fatigue? When have you reached fatigue? How much fatigue do you need to gain penis length? Our next article will cover this: “Hanging Fatigue: Part 1″.


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