Tunica toughness, Stamina Training, Porn Detoxing, & More: Ask the Experts


tunicaAJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions about:

  • Tunica toughness,
  • Stamina training,
  • How penis tissue multiplies,
  • Detoxing from porn, and
  • More in this Ask the Experts article.

Q. What are your thoughts on the tunica? I seem to get thinner girth-wise…

…when I am 100% hard, and after some workouts I seem to be more tough . Do you think that the tunica gets tougher and would this inhibit gains?

Big Al: There’s a misconception about the tunica that stems from researchers familiar with the tensile strength and deformation properties of metals and plastics, but not biological tissues.  There is absolutely no reason why the tunica cannot be both strengthened AND made more flexible.

I like to compare PE training to gymnastics, which is likely the closest analogy (along with yoga) to how the tissues should be penile affected by male enhancement training.You’ll note that a gymnast’s muscles are usually both very well developed and extremely flexible.  That should be the goal of every man who trains his penis- to have a strong but extremely supple tunica.If you are training correctly, targeting the tunica in your training, and balancing your exercises with stamina work and rest, there’s no reason why your tunica should be the limiting factor in your gains.

Q. Occasionally, I have done scenes for a small porn shoot and that requires me to have an erection…

… for an extended period of time. Sometimes on the weekend I will engage in sexual activities if I go out. These do not occur often. If I know they will happen, would it be wise to cut the stamina to 3 times a week to compensate?

Big Al: Here’s a good benchmark to go by: For stamina, you’ll want at least 60 minutes of either training or sustained sexual activity.  If you can get 60 minutes or more per week of actual sexual activity (maintaining an erection for that duration), then you can offset any scheduled stamina work.  You can also offset the balance of any sexual activity you didn’t do- e.g.- if you had 30 minutes of sexual activity in a week, you can make up the balance with 30 minutes of scheduled stamina exercise.

Q. What theory do you follow In regards to how the tissue multiplies…

…for the smooth muscle, tunica and ligs. I would like to develop an understanding of this, in the hopes that I can somehow meet the conditions for growth, without under or over doing the intensity. I continually wonder as I go through my routine where my intensity is relative to the “sweet spot” for gains. Not sure if I am expressing myself exactly how I intend but basically I want to understand the science better.

Big Al: My findings lead me to believe that expansion of the tunica and fascia- as well as the stretching of the basal ligaments have much more to do with growth.  The corpora/corpus (smooth muscles) appear to be “passive” agents in the growth process- restricted in size by the tunica and fascia, and in overall length by the ligaments.  Consider that these tissues’ resting status is the CONTRACTED position, and it’s the erection (Nitric Oxide) mechanism that RELAXES the smooth muscles and allows the to expand to their fullest- provided the tunica, fascia, and ligaments are pliable.I’ve also come to the conclusion that EQ is a HUGE factor too, and the mindset behind being able to maintain high EQ and SC DURING a sexual encounter has a strong correlation with gains as well.

Q. Today, I have officially started my detoxing period from porn….

…During my daily routine i just used a massage video as pre-arousement, and then I proceeded just with my fantasy (like imagining being touched by a fantasy girl). Is this what visualization is about?

Big Al: Minus the video, yes- to some extent.  Fantasizing about others can help initially, but it’s actually a shortcut that eventually causes limitations (and its own problems) at higher levels.  Some men complain of getting so wrapped up in fantasizing that they find themselves doing just that even when their engaging in a live sexual encounter. “Pure” visualizations focus on the emotions and sensations, and at its height you would not need any imaging of fantasy girls, and the like.  The goal is to allow you to be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience when you’re with a partner, and to enable you to be free of distractions.

Multi-part Q&A:

Client: Psychologically is where I am focused now, as I am having a hard time relaxing before sex…

… with the woman I am with who I want to not mess up a thing and that has made arousal harder. I typically perform cunnilingus till she reaches orgasm and often times I am not hard and can’t get fully erect for sex. It is frustrating, even though she is fine and appears to be supportive and says it will come with time.The inability to have spontaneous sex and get an erection without touching penis which makes it take too long to enjoy it being quick and spontaneous. My erection often does not last long enough, and some positions requiring a very erect penis is not possible.

Big Al: Do you ejaculate outside of any training or live sexual activity (masturbate)?Do you view porn and masturbate?Are you able to achieve erections effortlessly during scenarios where you don’t feel under any pressure?

Client: Not sure I know exactly what you mean but I do ejaculate during sex now when I am able to be erect enough with the girl I am seeing now. I used to masturbate after sex with my wife almost every time, as I didn’t enjoy the sex and basically was there to give her what she needed, and then I took care
of myself after. She thought I did this because we didn’t use a condom and I was afraid of getting her pregnant, but that was not true. It was because I didn’t enjoy it with her.

Big Al: Ejaculating during sex is to be expected, but are you ejaculating/masturbating during other times as well?  My intent on asking this is to see if you may be ejaculating excessively.  For now, I would advise ejaculating only during sexual activity or stamina work.  If you are very sexually active, you can offset some or all of your scheduled stamina work- though it would behoove you to simulate some of the techniques in the Stop and Start during actual sexual contact.  Not only would you note imprvement, but your lady friend would benefit from the technique as well.

Client: I used to in the past fairly often. In the past two months, I have looked at porn maybe three times. Once in the last two weeks. My masturbation sessions now I typically am thinking of the girl I am seeing now and haven’t felt the need to look at porn.

Big Al: This ties into the above.  The fact that you’re porn use is nearly eliminated is a good one.  Please read the following article if you’re interested in learning more about the porn issue and how it affect you: https://www.pegym.com/articles/detraining-effect-understanding-reversing-negative-habits-improve-erection-quality-sexual-confidence-part-1

Client: I wouldn’t say effortlessly, but it’s definitely easier when I am not in the presence of the girl I am seeing and am alone. It takes less effort that way. Since she has been so understanding of what is going on we will talk sexually on the phone and masturbate, and during those times I usually don’t have
a problem getting erect and staying that way for a while before ejaculating. I still can’t get erect without stroking my penis though.

Big Al: That indicates a strong psychological component compounded with some stamina and perhaps some penile sensitivity issues.  I would recommend that you try doing your stamina work with a lighter grip, and that you make a concerted effort to take some pauses where you do not stimulate yourself (or use only minimal stimulation) and attempt to maintain your erection through visualizations.


  1. I definitely agree with the gymnast comment. I have increased in length, girth, and erection quality. My pliability has increased tremendously during my 1 1/2 years of doing PE.

    I would like to add something about ejaculation while training. If someone is doing PE and ejaculating, it is masturbation as far as I am concerned.

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