Turtling: Is it Normal? & Fatigue with the Jelq-Free Routine -Ask the Experts

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male enhancement coach big al penis enlargement turtling jeql-free routineBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about turtling and fatigue problems with the jelq-free routine, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’ve noticed when I run or workout in the gym my penis seems to shrivel up!

…Is this turtling normal? Is there something I should be doing to counter this?

Big Al: It’s typical to note a temporary retraction of the penis during intensive physical exercise. This is a completely normal phenomenon as blood is drawn to the extremities during intensive exercise. During physical training it wouldn’t be feasible to do anything to counter this, but a light stretching or jelqing session- or even a hot soak performed immediately after your physical training should help to restore penile circulation.

Turtling may also be aggravate by stimulant use. If you use strong stimulants prior to your physical training workout this may contribute to the phenomenon- even well after your session has ended.

Q. I recently started your Jelq Free routine doing the minimum number of reps recommended. I’ve been using my ADS after training

…but I appear to be more fatigued than ever! Can you recommend something different for my training so I don’t get so fatigued?

Big Al: Unless one has extreme turtling or are employing an All Day Stretcher (ADS) as the mainstay of a routine- or one is extremely advanced/condition and can benefit from a relatively large training load, a workout should be taxing enough to allow for full rest after a session.

Even if passive, an ADS can push one into overtraining if they’re already training at their limit. I suggest spending a few weeks establishing a baseline with the Jelq Free routine as is. If you still feel you can use a greater challenge then you have several options:

  • Accelerate the rate of rep increases per session or
  • Switch to more intense exercises or
  • Increase the frequency of your training (add more training days per week) or
  • Implement the ADS


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