Turtling: What It Is, and How to Avoid It

One of the most common and alarming occurrences for those involved in penis exercise is when your unit starts shrinking past the point of normal flaccidity, as if it is trying to hide and lay low.  Don’t worry — developing a better understanding of why “turtling” happens will go a long way toward helping you prevent it.


I’m assuming most people have seen a turtle at some point in their lives. Am I right about this? When you walk up to a turtle, unless he is a particularly sociable one, he pulls his head and neck back into his shell. That’s what your penis does when you experience turtling. I won’t go so far as to say it shrivels up, but it decreases in flaccid length dramatically, even though it may maintain some level of hardness in the middle. Nearly everyone has experienced this at some point.


Turtling is the body’s natural way of protecting the penis while it is not in use, as well as conserving blood flow for more immediate needs.  However, excessive turtling can indicate problems with your penis enlargement workouts.

There are numerous possible causes for turtling — probably more than those listed here — but these are all factors I have either seen or read about that can cause turtling to occur.

  1. Over-training – Turtling can definitely occur if you have trained your dick too hard. This often means too much jelqing, although training too hard with other exercises can also lead to turtling.
  2. Intense workouts – This cause is not to be confused with over-training. Sometimes your dick will turtle after your penis enlargement exercises if you’ve have a good, intense workout. The key difference between the two is the longevity of the turtling.If your penis remains turtled all day, all night, or doesn’t respond to stretching out, then you have probably over-trained. Turtling from an intense workout should subside after simply stretching your unit out after your session, or within 10-20 minutes after your session.  If it takes longer, consider taking some time off or reducing the intensity of your penis exercises.
  3. Insufficient warm-up – This one is self-explanatory. If you did an exercise session without a penis warm-up, or with only a sketchy one, this can be a cause of turtling. Always warm up until your penis is red and hot, raring to go!
  4. Jelqing pressure – Your dick may turtle because you’ve been applying too much pressure while jelqing. Remember to use a soft grip. It doesn’t take much to get blood moving around in there, so you don’t have to choke the poor guy. Beginners may want to review our tips on how to jelq properly.
  5. Stretching too hard – Remember not to stretch hard enough to pull your dick right off! That’s bad, not to mention probably painful. Beginners should stretch lightly, just hard enough to feel a pull. You may wish to review PE Gym’s tips on safe and effective penis stretching.
“If you experience turtling after your penis exercise routine, or if you have problems maintaining an erection or urinating, you are over-training. Revise your routine.” —  PE Gym forum member Vegetarian, in The 7 Deadly Sins of Penis Exercising


Here are some methods I have found that can reduce turtling, or even stop it from happening altogether.

  1. Lighten your jelqing pressure — even if you think it is already too light.
  2. Try reducing your jelqing. You may not have to reduce it by much. 10-15 reps could be the difference between overtraining and just the right workout. The goal is to find what is right for YOU.
  3. Reduce your stretching tension.
  4. Increase your warm-up time. If your warm-up is under 8 minutes and you tend to turtle, try warming up for 10 minutes or more.
  5. Drink green tea! Yes, I have found that this really helps — not only with erection quality, but it seems to give me a better flaccid length, too. I don’t know why.
    Kingpole also recommends a wonderful erection tea. I personally hate ginger, but be sure to try it. It helps! I drink a cup before bed every night.
  6. Try penis oil. I have found that this oil really helps my flaccid penis.
    Radiohead first discovered Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil, and I personally believe he deserves a Nobel prize for discovering its uses in penis enlargement.  It works like magic and I use it to jelq with. I also apply penis oil after my penis enhancement sessions and after I get out of the shower.
  7. Reduce masturbation. Masturbating too much may sometimes cause turtling. I’m not ready to say that this is a proven fact, but I am finding it to be somewhat true. I have had no signs of turtling ever since I basically quit masturbating. This includes edging.
    I’m not sure how masturbation affects penis size gains; I haven’t been with it long enough, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know the results of this experiment. Seriously, though, try limiting your masturbation to once every week, or maybe even once every 2 weeks. It might be difficult, but it could also be worth the effort.
  8. Do daily warm-ups. This is something I am just starting, and that others may wish to try as well. It’s quite simple. Try giving your dick a warm-up session every day, even on your days off. I do two penis warm-ups a day.
    I spend about 3 minutes in the shower with hot water focusing on my penis. When I’m done, I do 10 JAI stretches, then apply some of that marvelous oil. I do a later warm-up using my rice sock, usually at night.
    If I’m on a day off of my penis exercise routine, I simply warm up and apply some oil. If I’m exercising, I warm up and then do my exercise session. It’s that simple, and I think this has the potential to really, really help!
  9. Never wear constricting clothing as this discourages blood flow and encourages turtling.
  10. Some equipment may help.  Sleeves and tubes can be worn comfortably throughout the day and will prevent your unit from turtling.
  11. Never discourage your spontaneous erections – erections are healthy! Small amounts of stimulation throughout the day, while at work, for instance, will also encourage blood flow and prevent turtling. Fowfers and piss pulls are also easy and convenient to do and will discourage turtling.


If you have prolonged turtling, for days and days, and none of these tips have helped you, you might greatly need some time away from penis enlargement. Try taking a week off, or 2, and then come back and apply some of these tips. You also may wish to consult with other members of our penis forums.

I hope some of these tips are useful. These are ideas that I have found to work for me, so I would imagine that some of these will work for everyone else, too. Good luck to everyone, and happy PEing!

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  1. that’s hilarious. my dad was the CEO of the company that made BioOil. haha I’ll pick up a case!

  2. Great article PESG. For all of us growers, trying to become showers, this is some great advice. I’m going to try & starting using some Essential Vein Oil (EVO) soon too. This article just reminded me…

  3. This is what needs more exposure . A lot of guys have this happen .
    Your article explains all of the reasons .
    My dick has it’s own mind . When I over do my routine and pull too hard
    he pulls back . Trying to stay away from the assault .
    Smart pecker .

  4. Great Article PESG! This was a great overview for the many like myself that have an above-average length penis when erect, but then turtle down to a peanut when “not in use”. This has been one of my main concerns with my Penis Enhancement/Enlargement Journey.

    I think this article will help so many men like me that are “Growers” not “Show-ers”!!

  5. This was a MUCH needed article. Turtling questions have been popping up very much so lately, great job on this PESG this will help a lot of people.

  6. I’ve read some other comments about masturbation and PE gains, but they seem to be limited to masturbating within one or two hours of a PE session. I’d imagine it has something to do with testosterone.

    What if you are having almost every night? This should have the same outcome as masturbation, but I can’t say I am ready to give up on sex anytime soon. It would be tough to explain that I can’t because I don’t want to experience any negative PE.