Uli vs. Jelqs, Limiting Masturbation & More: Ask the Experts

When Is Sexual Stamina an Issue

no masturbationBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about the Uli vs jelqs, limiting masturbation and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. The Uli did not do much for me,…

… I felt the most “pump” from a slower, firmer jelq at a 60% erection level in terms of girth exercises.  Should I stick with that?

Big Al:  Results are what matters most.  If you’re getting the best results from an exercise done at 60% using a slower stroke, then stick with that particular exercise.  The good thing about the jelq is that it’s perhaps the most versatile of all of the exercise.  It can be used for length, girth, or both and can be modified in so many ways that one version has almost no relation to another.  The ULI itself is a “mutated” form of jelq.

Q. You often say I should keep masturbation (if not related to PE) at a minimum, but sex is ok….

…Why is sex better than masturbation, just in the eyes of PE. Does masturbation affect gains in a bad way? If yes, why doesn’t sex negatively affect gains?

Big Al: Besides training to boost your confidence and for enlargement, one of the main purposes of training is to become a better lover.  Masturbation depletes the libido and when performed quickly and furtively can cause negative conditioning.  MANY men nowadays also masturbate to excess AND in conjunction with porn, which in addition to causing numerous psychological problems has evolved to become a very poor form of “relationship substitute”.

Q. Do you believe in the law of attraction…

…and being able to manifest what you desire and where your mind is at?  Sounds like you do and so do I. It’s made a tremendous impact in my life over the past 10 years when I start seeing my manifestations form and take shape in the physical world. That being said, I still have a very hard time getting to 30-40% erection level and as intelligent and intuitive as if like to think I am and as much as I believe that your mind and soul controls your outcome….I still can’t get there.

Big Al: I sincerely believe in the law of attraction.  Here’s the thing about sexual potency though, it’s one of those things where you have to INDIRECTLY will it to happen.  Trying to force an erection via will alone can be futile. The way to do that is to move beyond the idea that sex=fear.  Once you can disassociate that, then you can reorient yourself into seeing sex as an opportunity for pleasurable experiences- instead of a challenge (which can induce performance anxiety).

Learn to attract the feeling of being confident and unencumbered.  This can be accomplished with visualizations while you train.  The more you practice this, the better you’ll get at it.  The ultimate goal of this is to be able to transfer that feeling of being unencumbered over to real sexual scenarios.

To be honest, the above type of training to me is much more important and fascinating than mere enlargement, because by transcending the need to prove yourself potent (via the ego), you can learn to master yourself. Once you are able to master that aspect of your life a LOT of things will change for you- for the better!

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